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4TH December 2021

Clearing work of the Crown starts in Bliss area but protestors block the machines in the morning and at night

Clearing work on a stretch of the Crown RoW by the Auroville Road Service began on 04-12-2021, morning. Soon after work started in the area known as “Bliss”, a group of Auroville residents turned up including parents with small children who physically blocked the workers and the clearing equipment from operating.


Images showing Aurovilians blocking the JCBs


Abusive language and several other aggressive moves such as spitting, shouting etc. were used against the team at work and against residents who had rushed to the site to support the work team.

Local police were called in after this, to protect the work team and to prevent people (including children) from getting in the way of the clearing equipment.

Work was stopped, and resumed in the night, after cordoning off some of the entry routes, hoping that this would help to bring less people to stop the work and put themselves and others in physical danger. Unfortunately, some residents managed to get through the thickets and barricades, and again, there was the use of abusive language and work blockage by certain people including a few members of the working groups (Working Committee and Land Board) and a senior architect of Auroville.

bliss night 1.jpg

Images showing Aurovilians blocking the JCBs at night

bliss night 2.jpg
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