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Myths & factS


MYTH: In Auroville we must achieve human unity and spiritual growth before the township gets built.  The material township must be the outer expression of spiritual growth of the present residents.

MYTH: Auroville is meant to grow organically. No (detailed) plans must be prepared now. We shall see how Auroville unfolds.


MYTH: The Mother did not approve the Crown and therefore the Crown and the Crown road are not essential parts of the Galaxy plan/Master Plan.


MYTH: The Galaxy concept and Master Plan are outdated and does not address today’s climate change issues.

MYTH: The Crown RoW (right of way) and other Master Plan RoWs occupy vast areas of land.


MYTH: The Auroville Universal Township Master Plan is not binding on the Auroville Foundation and the Auroville residents who may develop Auroville as they wish.

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