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What will the city look like and what is the Crown?

Presentation of the plan of the Galaxy at the inauguration of Auroville

in February 1968 (photos above and below)

The Mother gave instruction for an experimental town with four zones favouring the evolving conditions for man and it has been translated into the concept of the Galaxy (see Mother drawing below). The four zones are named Cultural, Residential, International and Industrial Zones.

At the center of the city is the ‘Peace Area’ with the Matrimandir, the Banyan tree, the Amphitheatre and the Park of Unity, it is the spiritual center of the city. The Peace Area will be surrounded by a circular lake.

Between the lake and the Crown lies the city center with the Townhall buildings, habitats, schools, parks, Solar Kitchen, the Library, etc. This area will be green and pedestrian, and in tune with the atmosphere of the Peace Area.

The Crown is a ring around the Peace area at a radius of 690 meters from the Banyan tree (in red on the below photo). The Crown defines the city and its mobility: all that comes in or goes out or travels around is held together by the Crown, it is the inner circulation street of the city meant for pedestrians, bicycles and e-vehicles; the Crown crosses the 4 Zones of the city.

Twelve Radials, connecting the Crown to the Outer Ring Road, are the dynamic representations of the Mother’s plan. The traffic of delivery vans, trucks, etc. will be handled by some Radials with moderated timings while others can remain green lanes for pedestrians and cycles. The ‘Outer Ring’ will distribute conventional traffic around and outward or inward via specific Service Radials and arrange transfers to e-vehicles as needed.

The city will be surrounded by the Green Belt with farms and forests. Already Aurovilians have planted over 2 million forest trees, hedge trees, fruit, and fuel wood trees making Auroville a beautiful green and woodland city.

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