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The Cat In The Bag - 7

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

Because we were “officially” part of the “community” of Pleasure, our purchases needed to come through Pleasure.

You see, there was a central purchasing committee called Boornoos. Run by very haughty British people.

The “community” collected the money from all of us living there, and for that amount the Boornoos people would give food to Pleasure. One single “basket” for all people in Pleasure.

But Frankie had a little school on his land, and every day an “amma” cooked for the children, and there would be nothing left for us. Even though we had paid our share.

The Brits from Boornoos couldn't understand what we tried to explain, and therefore we got no ration of the food items. We had to go buy our things in Pondy ourselves and cook our own meals.

We cycled to Pondy every week.

It was tough. We had to be very creative to bring enough to eat for a whole week on cycles.

And we had the bad luck to go down to Pondy with empty bags, but then have to come back climbing up fully loaded like donkeys.

It was really hard, you know?

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