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The Cat In The Bag - 53

We would find out that at night, those strange scorpions would roam around in our little house, downstairs. Those ones with these long needles as tails, you didn't want to get stung in your bare feet.

When going outside with a torch, it became almost an acrobatic routine to navigate in between these scorpions to get outside and back in.

But when I didn't use a torchlight to go out, with all lights out downstairs, then I could go out normally without any acrobatics.

Sometimes I would do a test on the staircase and turn on the light: and yes, sure enough, they were there. How then could I get outside without being stung if I didn't use a torch?

I taught me to not use a torch. And it was delightful to walk in those dark nights. The laws were different. One's perception was different.

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