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The Cat In The Bag - 47

Matrimandir would bring me relief.

Every week I would spend a few hours on the granite bench under the Banyan Tree, and cry it all out.

There, I could calm down, I received a bath of light.

That was the beauty of Auroville.

I would also go walking at night, at all stages of the moon. Also when it was pitch black, I never took a torchlight.

And I was amazed at how much light there was in Auroville.

There was a square pillar of light that had no upward end, but you had to step into it to notice it.

From outside you would not see it, and it didn't cast shadows.

When you looked up, you were sucked up into the milky way, which gave a most heavenly feeling. And if you looked down, you were back on the ground.

I couldn't stay too long it, my skin would start tingling. That was a sign that it wasn't another dimension, it was here, on earth.

That's when I knew that Auroville is real, and has a very beautiful future.

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