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The Cat In The Bag - 41

And I told these children: “I am so happy to see that you know so much about a real house.”

Children are very open and observant, and in total amazement they said: “But Miss, you knew that a real house has a door and windows?”

And I laughed. And then they asked the right question: “But why then did you not draw a REAL house?”

And I said: “First of all, I am very pleased that you all know so much about your houses, your homes. But there's another reason why I drew it like that, do you know it?”

And those children fell fully silent, and in that silence were very concentrated, and suddenly they burst out all at once: “We're so used to having a door and windows in a house, that we don't see them anymore!”

“Exactly”, I said. “Nothing is to be taken for granted. And when you understand that, you are not only open, but new worlds will open themselves to you. That's something grown-ups don't get.”

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