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The Cat In The Bag - 39

Auroville is a never ending research project. Discovering new horizons: would we be granted this opportunity? Would we succeed?

It was once more going into uncharted territory.

But let me return for a moment to how we learn: language is not necessary for learning, we can also use gestures and visualisations.

Children, by the way, love images, pictures, illustrations and lots of colours.

Apart form language, we can use other channels to learn: we can be an example, or combine learning experiences.

This way our brains get the possibility to create new circuits, and we remain alert and attentive.

I am very grateful to the Tamils for giving me new ways of learning and new perceptions. The fact that we are different is not a stumbling block but on the contrary an enrichment of our lives.

It's like learning how to work together as a team, so that there is not just one dominant person, not just one perception or way of functioning.

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