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The Cat In The Bag - 37

And when the gas stove came, I didn't even need it anymore, it had become a pleasure to cook this way.

And I had noticed that cooking on a wood-fire would be the best way to preserve the taste of vegetables.

In the end I had three ways of cooking: wood-fire, gas and a solar panel box. All three had their particular usefulness.

During monsoon the gas stove was very welcome, and in the other seasons it served in the morning to make tea and boil the milk. The solar cooker was good for rice and to bake cakes. But you could not use it to cook vegetables, they would just burn.

It was luxury to be able to bake our own cakes.

The fact that we got more comfort started the time that we could look for different occupations and work more for the community.

But that would then come with its own new challenges and difficulties.

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