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The Cat In The Bag - 3

In the first days, when we were still living in Pondy and for the first time had the courage to come and visit Auroville, we stopped at Glorification.

It was lunchtime and we entered the dining space. It was full of Aurovilians, eating in silence. At the food counter someone would serve us and tell us that we should pay after eating.

We joined the Aurovilians at the table, there were no chairs, you had to eat standing. Suddenly the famous (which we didn't know until later) Fritz comes to us. He pushes Günther and snaps: “It's not free here, you guys have to pay!” Günther calmly replied: “Yes, we know.” And Fritz rushed off. What an arrogant pig. Cynthia, a painter living at the beach, and who would become a close friend of ours, would say that he's a very dark figure. But nobody saw it.

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