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The Cat In The Bag - 29

I myself never got a contract with the development aid NGO. I was a certified nurse, so if I wanted a contract, I had to go work in the Health Centre.

Günther was accepted because he was into farming and providing jobs for Tamils.

We once had a group of small-scale farmers coming to us, and Günther then explained how they could do it in an efficient way.

Günther only got that salary later on, for the last few years. It was an engagement based on helping or giving livelihoods to the Tamil population. I've never seen the contract itself. But that's how I understood it.

It was a very humble wage, but in India it had more value because life is cheaper there.

The money wasn't meant to be used in projects, but given to people who, through their work, gave support and helped the local population.

But using money to create a power position and exclude others or stifle Mother's Dream, that's not done.

But in Auroville, nobody spoke openly and honestly about how people used their money. Who was in charge of the finances even? I could not get any clarity about that.

That's the big question: what did the Aurovilians get clarity on in the first place?

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