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The Cat In The Bag - 22

Also Satprem would leave Auroville, and in the power vacuum that the SAS left behind, a fight for power was turning into a huge power game with new players vying for the throne.

One day this group would win the battle, the other day another.

There was this group that wanted that we all got together every week to read from the Agenda. It was absurd: why not start with the simpler texts first. No, it had to be the Agenda because that was high and elevated.

Well, I am not a high and elevated human being, but an ordinary person, and I don't want to lose my mind with such complexity beyond my capacity.

Yes, humour was nowhere to be found in Auroville. Everything was very serious, and why exactly?

Günther had no issues with it all. Our Micha was safe with Frankie, he had a daughter of the same age.

Our Micha would enjoy Auroville thoroughly.

The children at that time lived very freely, and there was also Ine from the woods a bit further down, I think it is called Twenty-seven Cashews.

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