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The Cat In The Bag - 20

Our windmill taught us many lessons, very unexpectedly.

I am really grateful to Mother for that. And I believe that Mother has a lot of lessons for every Aurovilian who wants to be a true Aurovilian. Her children. Everyone in Auroville receives that grace in their own way.

But for that you have to start a relationship with Mother, with the Divine (whatever form fits with your personality).

That is why I tell all this. Not to pass myself off as an eccentric, not to pretend that I was having special experiences. No, just to explain, to show that everyone who is open to Mother will get such experiences, but in the way that fits with their being.

Of course, we were also people with our flaws and characters, and those also came to the surface. But it was useless to deny them or hide them, we had to work on them, constructively and not self-defeating, and that was not easy of course.

But especially in that domain so much was being denied, many pretended to be already enlightened instead of still human. But they knew very well how to discredit you by pointing out your flaws. As you know: they still do.

It is as Günther said: being an Aurovilian is a profession.

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