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The Cat In The Bag - 2

We arrive and have to drive around, everywhere, to find a place to stay. So much space, and still: everything occupied? And the excuses: that we were a family, or that we were Swiss. (The latter would remain a riddle for quite some time.)

The first to give us a space was Anand in Pleasant Outdoors. But there was a catch. After a few days he told us we needed to pay up to fund a huge windmill. We were OK with paying, if we were allowed to help with the construction. No, that wasn't allowed. We had to give the money or leave. And so we were kicked out. We were summoned to the Centre to be scolded. People screamed at us: you have to get out of here, if nobody wants to have you! They yelled lots of things, that we were useless and lazy, all kinds of things. I stayed calm, and that enraged them even more. Was I retarded or what?

We went away but didn't give up.

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