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The Cat In The Bag - 17

Every drop of water counted. Especially in the hot months, or when you had just planted fruit trees.

Very soon Günther started to complain more and more about that defect of the peg falling out. One day he asked me for help. I was stunned: I had no technical know-how about that all! And if all the techies couldn't solve the issue, what was Günther expecting of ME?

He said: “You are more intuitive, this issue is part of your domain.” “Oh, like that. OK, I'll give it a try. But first explain how the whole thing works.”

And after having listened carefully and asked a few questions, I asked for a week's time to see if I could get anywhere in such a matter.

On the last day I got a push: go to the windmill and observe. And yes, right in front of my eyes, the peg fell out of the wooden block. And I suddenly understood the issue. And I was flabbergasted, as the solution was so utterly simple, everybody and certainly techies should have found it immediately.

I went to Günther and asked him very sweetly: “Did you look at that whole windmill closely?” “Yes, I have, but I can't see a solution.” “So all of your technical knowledge did not help you out?” “No.”

“Oh Günther”, I said, “you have learned how to think and ask questions, to think logically, no? What I see here in Auroville is that rational thinking and discerning, putting things in the right context, connecting the dots, evaluating experiences and most importantly: introspection, is never done.”

The issue was only, simply, that the peg was not fitting into the hole in the wood block, and that we needed to have another wood block with a nicely exactly fitting hole, just wide enough to let the peg rotate freely but tight enough to keep it in its place.

The lesson here is to remain alert and fresh. No matter how much we know about our field, it happens to all of us one day that we fail to see something extremely simple.

Knowing and not-knowing go hand in hand, that's a known fact. We need to keep our minds fresh, healthy and alert.

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