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The Cat In The Bag - 16

But there was one problem with our windmill that was not related to how well or badly we “navigated” the windmill.

The defect that was unrelated to us doing something wrong, was the peg. It fell all the time, seemingly for no reason, out of the wooden block it was supposed to stay stuck in.

It was a known issue with this type of windmill.

And all these intelligent techies had come up with only one solution: put some sand paper in the hole in the block, and then learn to live with it.

Because that sand paper was only a patch-up. Not a permanent solution.

This irritated me to no end: in Auroville, we don't accept such things. This is the place where we take up every tiny aspect of life, go and observe, research it, to improve things or solve problems.

To his credit, Günther would also not be able to accept this.

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