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Aurovillage 31 B

In their urge to get rid of the heretics and defectors, the Aurovillagers are suddenly spending time and money on sleek little videos to compel every possible Aurovilian to participate in their witch-hunt voting process.

It's a first. Never before have we seen this kind of a campaign to rouse enthusiasm for RA meetings and decisions, even though the last campaign obviously was unprecedented in its feverish door-to-door canvassing of the cult doctrine and call to “stand with Aurovillage cult unity”.

Already almost a month ago, in true political style, they started warming up the audience to the immensely important task that would befall each of us: vote out the hated Working Committee members, and replace then with the trusted and known cult leaders or their puppets. Now that the voting has started (remember: it lasts 15 days in order to get as many people to cave in under the pressure as possible, because you can ADD your vote at any time during these two weeks, but (Hotel California style), you cannot REMOVE it if during the two weeks you think you may have done something you wouldn't have done if your head had been clear at the time, and not filled with emo-bullied fear.

It's really endlessly repetitive, but here is their sickeningly hypocritical message, duly put into perspective by yours truly.

To make sure even the thickest resident gets the message, they have the text read out in a lecturing voice-over, and the spoken text shown on screen as well. I have kept the emphasis they use themselves, as I didn't want to deprive you of the extra dramatic effect!

In case you were still not believing me when I say it's a cult, I hope that this portion of syrupy slime will help you feel the creep.

They start the video with a slide that shows the topic:

Vote of no confidence in/call for a new selection of the current Working Committee team, given their failure to 'assist' and 'represent' the Residents' Assembly as stated in their mandate”

Apart from the grammatical nonsense (we'll just be the smart people we are and “get what they mean”), we're starting immediately with quite some difficulties. It is clear that they want SOME radical outcome here, and have a few options ready: we don't just need to have no confidence in them, we can at the same time go for a whole new selection process. In the meantime they had these meetings and the voting has just begun. They made it even better by having four or five decisions taken all in one: remove the bad guys, keep the good guys, replace the bad guys immediately with new guys that can ONLY be chosen out of a group of old friends of ours that we have personally chosen, and then pretend it's all fine and well and totally according to our very unique and special and super valuable process that the whole world should come and study as it is really the most advanced form of governance ever.

And if all that wasn't enough yet, they do all that because, well, the majority of the Working Committee doesn't follow the cult orders, so they have “failed to assist and represent” the cult. Eternal damnation will undoubtedly be their lot!

As you can see, we're again immediately in hyper-melodrama mode here in Aurovillage, they're not being misery with the emotional dressing. It's spilled all over the table in fact, not just on the food. Listen to this if you can stomach it:

Dear Aurovilians,

Dear... Aurovillagers that consider themselves outside or above the “dear Aurovilians”?

We have a decision to take together as a community on an important matter.

Oooh yea, this sounds good, doesn't it? After years of being second-class deplorables, suddenly we're all important! Sooo sweet, just like politicians when elections are near! The hypocrisy is drooling all over the floor from the get-go! This is going to be a nice one! Get the popcorn out!

In the next community meeting, we decide if we want current members of the Working Committee to step down.

Oh, lovely. Now who exactly decided that this is what we're going to decide? Oh, yea, the same people again, who decided about everything else over the past 50 years. Great, sounds legit, doesn't it? Peaceful, loving, united: your ideal spiritual human unity utopia agenda for the next meeting: get rid of the bad people!

Very promising also is that they keep the “current members” totally vague. Clearly they don't want ALL members to step down. Only the ones that don't follow the cult dictates anymore. And eh... We're going to decide whether or not WE WANT THEM TO STEP DOWN. How do I put the emphasis right here? Every word is rather remarkable. Because STEPPING DOWN is something you do yourself, normally, no? So if WE want THEM to step down, that's weird. Now it's even weirder that we're going to DECIDE if we actually WANT them to step down or not. So... what happens if we DO decide that actually, yes, we WANT them to step down. Are we then going to ask them to please do as we want? Or do we first have a meeting and a vote about asking them to do what we want? And if we get to the point where we've asked them to do what we want and they say “yea, well, we're not going to do what YOU want, we're going to do what WE want”, THEN what?? Another round of five meetings to figure out if we maybe want them to have stepped down already? Or that we decide we want that they don't have the right to not do what we want anymore? Maybe we decide that we want that they can only want what we want? Oooh, cult membership is quite a complex task and high responsibility! Jeesh, you have to think about so many things to want and to decide and to ask or to impose... Never a dull moment!

This is happening because many community members have observed that the current Working Committee team is not upholding the collective will and best interests of Auroville.

Ah. We're getting to the meat and gravy here! Yum! It's all becoming very factual now! “Many community members”. How many are many? Who exactly is this? Who exactly has decided that a certain number is “many”? How is this all registered? Who is monitoring all of this “observing”? Are all the cult members chipped so that their observations are collected and recorded in the central cult computer which then reported that the threshold for “many” has been reached and now action needs to be taken? Exciting stuff here!

And we're now also at the central accusation: (it's getting very intense now, no?) the current WC team IS NOT UPHOLDING THE COLLECTIVE WILL! OH MY GOD! Blasphemy! But erp... what exactly is “the collective will”? Is that the result of some algorithm that is being fed data by the chips in the cult members which register what the cult members' will is, which is in fact dictated by the cult leadership who bullies the cult members into willing only what the leadership wills? In that case, stuff is rather simple: no need for chips, computers and algorithms: the will of the cult leaders IS the “collective will”. Life is simple and beautiful in cult land.

Which events lead to this?

YES!! We need to know! Did the witches turn someone into a newt?? Gives us the juicy stuff!!

This RAD petition emerged during the events of December 5th to 10th, in which four members of the WC supported violent action taken to bulldoze the YC and Darkali forest.

OH NOES!! Oh man, this is bad! This is soooo bad! They're toast, I tell you! God, did you hear that? THEY SUPPORTED A RIGHT OF WAY CLEARING THAT WAS MEANT TO HAPPEN SINCE 54 YEARS!!

It's worse than turning someone into a newt, I tell you. They're going to burn! How DARE they!! They supported actions that involved the Evil Machine That Must Not Be Named.

And now we learn it's only four members! Not all seven, heaven be thanked! So stupid of them not to follow the instructions of their cult co-members, who must have reminded them of the instructions for the right behaviour, and they must have disobeyed... Oh lordy lordy...

Community concerns were disregarded, including a request for an emergency RAD to pause these actions in order to find a collaborative way forward.

I think I'm going to faint now. This is becoming too much to take in! As I predicted, they disobeyed the cult doctrine! Oh chi chi chi... What on earth got into them? Refuse to immediately call an emergency RAD to stop the forbidden re-starting of the Crown development that had so effectively been “paused” by the cult leaders for 12 years... Who do they think they are? Do they think they are allowed to have THEIR OWN OPINION? Yo yo yo this won't end well... Oh, I smell a stake being set on fire...

Following these events, these four members wrote a statement expressing that they do not represent the community, which goes against their mandate and the Auroville Foundation Act.

Eh... stuff is now getting confusing really. Because obviously, the four members never said such a thing. So I had to go look and search and ask to figure out what exactly this is referring to. Seems to be in reference to the following letter, which was published on Auronet on March 2nd (bet you did not expect that date either). I have thought a bit about which part to quote, and then I decided that it would be clearest to just put the whole letter, so everyone can see for themselves how false the above statement is.

Dear Friends, Aurovilians, Community Members,

As members of the Working Committee and in the present context, we wish to clearly state our stand in regard to the current situation in Auroville.

We are being told that as per the Auroville Foundation Act, members of the Working Committee of the Residents Assembly are selected by the RA, therefore our allegiance and duty are to the RA and in the fulfilment of their demands. However, we have to understand that our duty as WC members and as Aurovilians is first of all, to uphold the ideals of Auroville and like every Aurovilian be at the service of the Divine Consciousness which for us is the Mother. She is the creator, leader, guide and project holder of Auroville and our duty and allegiance is to her alone.

All of us in the RA are beholden first to 'Mother's Auroville'. We have to ensure that in whatever we do, Auroville is upheld and also supported by the Act. If an RAD jeopardizes Auroville’s growth or the Act we cannot be forced to support it. We have a system of RA where Aurovilians may discuss and vote on certain topics and issues but they need to be dealt with carefully to avoid division within the community.

The RA, the WC, the FAMC were created by the Auroville Foundation Act which if we are to follow, states that

20. (1) There shall be a Working Committee of the Residents' Assembly which shall assist the Residents' Assembly or, as the case may be, the Governing Board, in discharging its duties under this Act.

We believe that the City and the Charter are the basis of this project and are not open to discussion. The plans of the city were made under the Mother's guidance over a period of three years and the final plans approved by her.

Two weeks later, she wrote the Charter for the City of Auroville.

It is evident that development of the city has moved at a very slow pace in the last 53 years.

In this regard, the Governing Board and the Secretary of Auroville Foundation are committed to building the city as per the Mother's approved plan. Let us take their help to build the City that Mother wanted. We, as honorary voluntary workers have to collaborate rather than 'pause'/stop the development and growth of the ‘City of Dawn’.

The last 3 months have seen a lot of turbulence in our community and a fracture in our social fabric. It is time to pull ourselves together and not attract negative attention upon us which will harm us all. All the current issues we are facing as a community are temporary, we will move beyond them.

We urge all residents of Auroville to collaborate in the physical manifestation of the Mother's dream which will establish the basis of this Project and take it to another level of fulfilment. Mother is the Ultimate project holder, let us start the work now. It is time to move ahead together. Let us stand together and make the City Mother dreamt of happen.

Anu, Arun, Partha, Srimoyi

Where is the part where they state “we don't represent the community”? What exactly is being insinuated here by the Aurovillagers? Are they implying that the members of the Working Committee have to do whatever it is that the cult leaders decide, even if it goes completely against Auroville and the Mother's intentions?

Why do we want the Working Committee to be re-selected?

Because they don't do what you say, that's blatantly obvious.

Auroville's Charter calls us to be a living embodiment of an actual human unity.

The Working Community is expected to represent the community but is instead amplifying divisions.

Oh well, this can go on forever. The pot calling the kettle black... We clearly have diametrically opposing views on what the concepts of honesty and sincerity and truthfulness and human unity and division mean, so what to do? We can only call in a higher authority to decide this one. Oh, wait, that's already happening, and it's exactly THAT which made you so viciously angry, ah? Tough.

You see, the Aurovillagers absolutely do NOT represent all the Aurovilians, let alone anything worthy of the name “Auroville”. We can discuss endlessly about it, but it will be much simpler to just watch the coming years, have all the corruption and profiteering and abuse exposed and removed, and have Auroville start on a new footing.

It's of course very easy to make claims if you have been the dominant faction for as long as Auroville exists: so far, there is no real example of something truly Aurovilian. So the Aurovillagers have monopolised the use of the word, and the cult has defined Auroville's material manifestation so far. At least, they've managed to get whatever else there was erased from history, so that amounts to the same.

Now who is going to sit in judgement here? Because they make claims about “amplifying division”, but this whole video is just statements, with zero proof of anything. In the end, some stuff will have to be put on the table to back things up, and that has never happened, has it? They're so used to get away with just SAYING whatever, that it has come as a total shock that people start asking to see actual factual proof, poor things.

Why should I participate in this community decision?

No idea why YOU should, but I am certainly not going to, thank you very much. Got tons of better things to do than involve myself in your nasty 'Auroville activities'. Come to think of it, ANY other action is time better spent.

The role of the WC is to represent all of us, the Residents' Assembly of Auroville.

The Working Committee has never represented “all of us”, as they has always represented the cult, and the cult has never been “all of us”. And certainly never been “Auroville”.

According to the Auroville Foundation Act (1988), the Residents' Assembly has the authority to choose members of the Working Committee and how long they are to serve in this role.

The Foundation Act's details and text have never been of any importance in Auroville so far. They were there for show and to boast about, never to actually MEAN anything that had impact on the daily life here, let alone on decisions of any sort.

Is it because the text of the Act is finally being implemented that they suddenly are quoting it left and right? It's a bit suspicious that it suddenly, out of the blue, means so much to them, just now, when they are exposed for being in DISAGREEMENT with it and with the Foundation – which as I said in the former episode, was never considered as part of the Residents' Assembly or even really “Auroville”. The Foundation Office has always been looked upon as some unavoidable but rather meaningless administrative office at the service of the RA. With utterly inconsequential people in it, who could be “ousted” whenever the cult wanted it. Quantité négligeable, in fact.

Well, THAT at least seems to have changed! We now need to use the correct pronouns and make sure we don't talk about “the Foundation” anymore as we did before, meaning those puppets in that building next to “Town Hall”. We now need to put ourselves in all kinds of contortionist positions to make sure that we keep ourselves as part of the Auroville Foundation as mentioned in the text of the Foundation Act, and still be totally separate from the Foundation OFFICE, so that we can fight them, publicly slander them, and get rid of them through court cases – as our Delhi-mojo seems to have worn off and is – why oh why – not doing its Auromagic anymore.

Our participation in selecting this team is crucial. When we do not participate, we end up having others take decisions on our behalf, and risk having to live with the consequences.

Aw, losing the battle, are we? Suddenly needing every single reservist that we never even acknowledged the existence of, don't we? Now suddenly every single person we can find is needed to make sure that THEIR wish be done? Now the dust-grovelling, smooth-talking, heel-licking attitude is covering the roads with the sick of their stomachs in order to make sure that somehow, against all odds, they can drum up enough support to give some semblance of “representation”, in a last desperate attempt to stay on the throne, isn't it? And threats also! “If YOU don't do what we say, WE may lose everything we had! And that may not be pleasant for YOU either!” Seriously. Who's still drinking this kool-aid?

They also somehow “forgot” to mention that allocations of land and giving stewardships for land are never done by community decisions, always only by one small group who – what a surprise – allots plots to their friends and family.

It is by coming together and sharing views that we can move forward with integrity as a community.

In all honesty and sincerity: Auroville's past 50 years is rock-solid proof of the fact that “coming together and sharing views” is the best way to NEVER “move forward as a community”. If there is ONE thing Auroville's first 50 years can give to the world, it's this one single certainty: endless meetings where everybody just says whatever they want are a total waste of time and energy: you end up at the starting point. EVEN if you do it for 50 years. Believe us. We've actually DONE it. And to our utter surprise, yes, it didn't work.

By the way, using the word “integrity” when lying so bluntly is nothing short of blasphemy.

Let's come together for this important community process starting on Monday April 4th at 4 PM at the Unity Pavilion.

Or not. Not many people did, actually. The vast majority of the "dear Aurovilians" had indeed understood that about every other 'activity' was a better one than this.

This first meeting is very important because it will help you understand the situation and give your feedback on how this decision should be made.

Anyone who reads this blog has an immensely better understanding of the situation than any amount of Aurovillage blabber will ever be able to give. And people who only listen to Aurovillagers are not able to give meaningful feedback, no matter on what topic.

The participation of Aurovilians representing all the different points of view on this matter is the key to a harmonious and collective decision.

Utter obvious BS. The whole point of your campaign is to remove people with points of view that clash with yours.

See you on April 4th.

Couldn't make it. So sorry.

In community.

Argh, where's the cult code book... What exactly did this mean again? Something very deep (for cult members at least). Have been out of it for too long I guess. Err... Will check it tomorrow, ok?

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