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Aurovillage 2

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

Over many decades, a false cult narrative has been created in Auroville, by people who materially benefited from Auroville, to justify the fact that what has been happening here since 45 years is almost the opposite of what the intention was. Many people, who also want a piece of that cake, bought into the narrative, and it has been the main reason to come and live here for many. Over the decades it became the official doctrine that needs to be adhered to if one wants a comfortable life in Auroville. The people who have denounced this narrative and pierced it with facts have always been vilified, for obvious reasons. It is now a religious 'war', a fight to keep the cult and its illusion propaganda alive and accepted as reality, even more by the people OUTSIDE of Auroville, as the cult leaders get most of their power from the image of Auroville they are able to project and sell in the West.

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