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Updated: Apr 19, 2023

[This series of articles was started as a comment in reaction to the sudden but wide-spread sharing of the "Stand for Auroville Unity" campaign, which started with a petition on The total copy/paste of the immense misrepresentations in this petition, where the people who have been hijacking Auroville since its beginning, and who created a little colonial "free-state" instead of the Mother's project, suddenly claimed to be victims of great injustice instead of the perpetrators of heinous misdeeds for decades, was staggering, and urged me to try to give some real information to the outside people, who the campaign was aimed at, and who massively seemed to fall for the emotional show they got served. It was not intended at all to become what it has, just as the terms "Aurovillage" and "Aurovillagers", which were just simple names to separate the real Auroville from this fake wannabe-ecovillage. The terms stuck, even though I now would have chosen a different name.]

The only thing that is happening in the City at the Service of Truth, is the piercing of the 45-year old cult illusion bubble. For most of us, 45 years is the better part of our lives. For those born here, it's their whole life. For those who came to live here recently, it's the most important belief system they bought into so far, as it is needed to buy into this cult narrative if one wants to live here comfortably. Whether it will be replaced by another doctrine needs to be seen, but obviously, members being forced out of their cult will always fiercely resist, no matter how many facts they get presented. At the moment, in the whole world, we witness the total erosion of meaning and definitions of words. "Facts" are no longer verifiable, provable, objective events that can be brought or adjusted by anyone who presents proof, no, they are now simple claims, "proven" only by the fact that many people or a majority "believes" them, or by the fact that they are told to us by "experts". These mere claims are very aggressively and emotionally defended by the believers, labelling and slandering anyone who does not blindly follow suit. That same thing is happening here: no logic, no rationality, no factuality, ONLY emotional reactions, claims, vilification, outcry, outrage, screaming and kicking. You can see it in every post on this topic. If you are still able to see, that is, because any cult indoctrination will always target and erode the capacity to see independently, to think critically, to be an individual observer of actual events. We are trained to be blind regurgitators of the narratives fed to us. And if all around us do it, we think we're doing the right thing by going along...

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