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The Cat In The Bag - 9

Still the weekly shopping trip remained a really heave task. After some evaluation I understood that something was missing. I was lacking some knowledge. But which? I went to MM to complain a bit to Mother: I needed help.

Whatever you think of it, I found a novel about mountaineering in the library. It described also how to become good at climbing, learning through practice, the knowledge and the needed material. For me, the material was my cycle.

But it also spoke about something else: uniting yourself with the mountain and the surroundings and your gear. And this: imagining to already have reached, and reinforcing that it effectively IS already true.

After more practising, I managed to become one with the cycle. That's something everybody has to learn on their own, I can only speak about it, each has to experience it for themselves. And this again brought a big improvement.

And then the last part. When everything was neatly loaded onto the cycle, a last check. Relaxing, taking a deep breath, and while climbing onto my cycle I would say: “I'm already home.” Of course, it took a lot of training to be really convinced of this. And then one day I got home without sweating, with a dry T-shirt and much less tired. It was as if I had been in a time machine.

Very strange. We can do much more than we are aware of. But there's a lot of work to get done before we're really there.

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