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The Cat In The Bag - 8

You know, going back and forth to Pondy every week was a tough job. I came back exhausted and sweaty, sand all over my skin, T-shirt drenched.

I get that the pioneering time was rough for everybody. But it doesn't justify the claims to be worshipped and put on a pedestal. That's over the top.

We all chose to come here, and life goes on. If people now abuse that time to profit from the reverence they instil with those stories, well, it shows that the lessons are still not learnt.

Everything comes at a cost, but also with its blessings.

To sum up: huffing and puffing won't help, it only makes things heavier.

That doesn't mean that you can't vent from time to time. Brushing reality under the rug is also not meaningful.

But how to improve on the situation?

I started to watch my way of cycling. But also wanted to balance the physical situation with my inner state. I started to encourage myself: “You can do this. It will be alright, and it IS alright. Always better and better.” And kept repeating this.

Observing both the physical and psychological aspects, trying to improve them, made already a lot of difference.

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