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The Cat In The Bag - 6

Behind that hut was a beautiful little statue of Ganesh, made of some sort of granite.

One day I sat down in front of the statue and said: “I'm not from India, but I see you in many places in Tamil Nadu. They say you remove obstacles, is that true? Can I get to know you, I would like to know who you are?”

And I remained seated in meditation for some time, facing the statue.

One night I woke up, and in front of our bed was a cushion. And on that cushion sat Ganesh, but totally dressed in white this time, and so beautiful.

I've sat a very long time looking at him, he was so gorgeous.

“Do you know me now?” he said. And I replied: “I have no words to describe your beauty.”

Ganesh smiled and said: “There are moments in which we can know through words. And other moments in which we know without words.”

He smiled and disappeared.

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