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The Cat In The Bag - 52

And with time I would also go walking in the very dark nights. You would see nothing but the darkness in front of your eyes.

At first, Günther would lave a kerosene lamp on our open terrace, and that little light was so beautiful from afar.

Over time I didn't need to walk by touch anymore.

In these pitch black nights you got the feeling to be in a ship, it was wonderful.

And the weird thing was that if there was light somewhere, or moonlight, you had to watch out for snakes sliding over the road.

But in the dark nights, there would be no obstacles. I can't even remember having to open the gate.

Only when I got back from my walk I would feel the staircase under my feet, and climb up and went to bed. But before that, there was only the perception of a space with a black colour, and the same feeling as if on a ship at sea.

How to explain that? I can only conclude that my perception had changed.

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