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The Cat In The Bag - 51

I had such a great contact with the animals and nature's elements. A lot of it was new, I had never experienced it like that before.

And I went walking a lot, especially in the night.

We lived completely according to nature's flow, with the moon as main character.

Electricity was rare back then, and even if you had a connection, there would be many power cuts.

Only the last three years we would have light in our little house, thanks to solar panels.

But the hairs on our skin, and our hands and soles of our feet would become very sensitive.

I learned that our bodies know a lot more about such a life in nature than our intellect.

A lot is hidden in us from past lives on earth, but it is not forgotten.

With the phases of the moon, also the surroundings would change, and that would have a bigger influence on us than you would think.

Nights in the tropics are generally delightfully cool.

I didn't take a torchlight, because I wanted to experience the nights the way they were.

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