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The Cat In The Bag - 49

Personally I am a bit visual or I feel things, or have a direct observation.

For example, when I wanted to read the words “Om Mani Padme Hum” for the first time, I started singing them. And what happened next is so hard for me to capture with words.

But I will try:

Sundays were extremely quiet in Auroville. There was not a soul around, and I huddled beneath Matrimandir, at the bottom of the four pillars.

I sat there and I sung it. Matrimandir would start buzzing and vibrating, all the sounds from the surroundings would join in in this rhythm. A lovingly cool breeze blew up to me, and played with me, in particular with my face.

The vibration entered my whole body and that was such a wonderful massage.

I could see the whole surroundings, the whole Matrimandir wrapped in white light. White circles emanated from Matrimandir and went all over the earth.

It was such a heavenly experience, so beautiful.

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