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The Cat In The Bag - 45

An Indian Aurovilian would tell us: “We've been freed from the Sri Aurobindo Society, but it will take a lot longer before people see through the conman tricks of the Auroville Society.”

Someone would also tell us that in the beginning many more people were helping in changing the semi-desert into a green oasis.

Conflicts would chase people out, or people just left of their own.

The pioneers today claiming it was all their work is therefore not true.

A Tamilian would tell us: “The gentle people have left, and we're left with the crooks.”

And they were able to grab large pieces of land. And basically be the big boss, each on his plot.

And they have managed to keep these fiefdoms for 50 years. Do they think they will be allowed to keep them another 50 years?

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