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The Cat In The Bag - 44

After two years of working on our plot of land, things were getting a lot easier, and I started to work in the crèche. I would receive a voucher for rice for one week, and a meal during the lunch break.

That work was quite pleasant. If there was something good about Auroville, it was these magnificent Auroville children. Our Micha also loved Auroville.

Around the time she turned 14, Micha would enter puberty. The teenagers had their own space in Glorification, where they regularly hung out together for music and dancing and being among themselves.

I would pick her up at 10 PM, but went earlier as I enjoyed watching them doing their thing.

But our Micha said: “Mum, this isn't for adults!” OK, I hid in a corner.

Suddenly, Bernd storms in and pulls the plugs of the music system while making a racket.

The children had gotten permission to play music until 10 though.

He stood there screaming how despicable it all was, what scandalous behaviour by the youth!

Everyone was dumbfounded. Me too I was startled, this was over the top.

But the kids didn't just give in, they stayed until 10, without music.

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