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The Cat In The Bag - 43

A little clarification.

It's in fact a little comical. Those Aurovilians went to Delhi to get what they wanted, and they got their wish, without any sort of investigation.

Swamy, the Secretary at that time, did the same. When the Aurovilians didn't want someone here, they went to Swamy and without any investigation, that person was kicked out of Auroville.

And now it's the Delhi government that's the bad guy. They no longer simply follow the Aurovilians' demands, and so now they also need to be removed.

What a soap opera.

And for me it's very clear. They first and foremost want to use Auroville as their Côte d'Azur, have a lovely comfortable life.

How many people who dared to point this out have been forced to leave Auroville over all these years?

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