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The Cat In The Bag - 42

Auroville had agreed that we could become Aurovilians. Now Swamy needed to give us a visa. Or would he not?

Samy, Swamy, I don't know if I spell it correctly. He was the Secretary at that time.

Those in charge of our dossier warned us not to have high hopes, as he was being difficult with visas lately.

When we met him, he asked us if we had made a bore-well, and Günther said yes.

On hearing that, Swamy applauded and everybody had to stand up. And then everybody had to salute us, and he himself also saluted us. We had no idea what was happening to us.

One of the pioneers would say: “Swamy has a lot of respect for the pioneers. That's because we have experienced things together here.”

But, probably unconsciously, he thereby gave a lot of power to the pioneers. We anyway could count on his full support.

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