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The Cat In The Bag - 4

Cynthia was also a pariah in Auroville. She would get it left and right from the brutal Aurovilians. She went back to Canada later, escorted by the Canadian consulate staff. They would take almost all her paintings. Which enormously angered the Auroville elite, who claimed that all her paintings were Auroville property.

We've had so much fun together, and were so saddened when she left. We lost a close friend, she had helped us a lot. She was a lady with style. Oh, they would spit venom at us if we dared use these words, but we chuckled to ourselves.

Her two kids would leave also, later. But she kept fond of Auroville, and her children would visit Auroville regularly.

She died some years back.

In those days, Auroville was rough and hard, and the meetings were as has been said already many times: loads of blabbering, always the same people taking the lead and loads of gossiping. Endless fights. This group against that, or groups among themselves. And those who had criticism were forced to leave.

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