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The Cat In The Bag - 35

Are people still using these little Tamil stoves nowadays?

It was made of clay, fired clay, in fact it was quite beautiful.

But to cook on it, sitting on the floor, that wasn't a small task, you know!

It made me cry very often and I could sometimes scream in frustration.

In those moments, Günther would take me in his arms very lovingly, and comfort me.

It was really difficult to get adapted to the climate, the primitive way of life, going everywhere by cycle, while coming from a comfortable life where you simply took the car to go everywhere.

Günther would help me as much as possible to get everything going well. He also helped me with learning how to get that little wood-stove burning properly.

But I kept struggling with it, and kept nagging him to get a gas stove.

At that time it wasn't easy to get a gas bottle, you had to put yourself on a waiting list. And I had to wait for a very long time.

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