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The Cat In The Bag - 34

Language has always been my biggest stumbling block when dealing with my fellow men. At my work I would regularly get the comment that I am not assertive enough.

I picked up a few Tamil words, but the fact that I'm having great difficulty in learning languages would not have been a problem in my relationship with them.

They accepted me as I was.

When I went walking in silence, for example, it seemed at first that I was all alone. Then suddenly, from behind the bushes or I don't know where, Tamils, women, men, would appear, but even stepped aside to not bother me, and greeted me in that Indian way.

But if I met a Western Aurovilian, they would interrupt me and ask what I was doing.

Westerners think that you are only working when they can see it.

I think that the Indian people are spiritually the most evolved here on earth.

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