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The Cat In The Bag - 33

One of the pioneers told me: “I married a Tamil girl because they pamper you and don't ask questions. She does what I want.”

I disapproved of that. At least for Aurovilians. It wasn't befitting an Aurovilian, I felt.

Tamil is a very old culture and a very old language.

I am not good with languages. My wish is to not talk anymore.

I speak in a different way. With my mother I spoke in silence, with only a word now and then.

Even back then there were classes given to learn Tamil. There was also a school for Tamil children, but the Tamil parents wanted that their and our children would share the playground, so that they would learn good English. It would give their children a better chance on a good job later.

There also was the conflict between the Tamil and the Central governments, as the Centre wanted tried to have Hindi as the common language all over India. But at that time the relationship between the Tamils and Delhi wasn't so good, and the Tamils refused to speak Hindi, and wanted English as the common language in the country.

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