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The Cat In The Bag - 31

If these people don't get what they want, they play the victim and start blaming you for being an aggressor. It's a very clear pattern, easy to spot. It's pathetic.

Narcissism, colonialism, Western superiority, it's all equally pathetic. But all of it is losing ground in the world, slowly but surely.

We encountered it all in Auroville.

One day we were cycling to Pondy. We went over the back road, that went from Glorification over a steep road downwards. At the lower point, it joined the beach road to Pondy.

At that time, there were very few tar roads. Also much less trees and buildings. You could still see much farther than you can today, you had a very clear overview over that road: you could see traffic coming already far ahead.

I know that this road is now much more levelled and wider, and therefore it's way less steep than it was at that time. On that long downward slope, you could give your cycle free reign. No need to pedal, your bike drove downhill all by itself. We called that the "rodeo" part, because we would not brake but rolled very delightfully towards the beach road.

At the lower side was a coffee shop that had an overview of that whole slope, from there you could see everything that happened on that road.

The beach road towards Pondy had already been tarred. But there were not many motorbikes or cars, most traffic were carts and cycles.

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