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The Cat In The Bag - 28

And I have the feeling that the world will not quickly hand out money to Auroville.

While I think that Auroville is a form of development, I agree with Günther in this respect.

We had invested all of our savings, and if we were going to stay here, we needed money.

I personally feel that the world can put a lot more financial effort into Auroville. This project is to the benefit of the world, and we're also just humans made of flesh and blood.

But if these Swiss received that salary, the other Swiss should have the same rights. On that issue, the country of origin also needed to be correct.

But you know, the world isn't based in honesty, but in corruption.

Why did the Swiss NGO give money to Aurovilians in the first place? I think because Bernd had connections to that organisation.

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