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The Cat In The Bag - 27

But I regret using the word hypocrisy. I said it probably because we had to suddenly say things by the book.

What we did wasn't totally by the book, but in that regard I can assure you that the people in Switzerland had no understanding of how things work out in the field. So not all that was not according to the “rules” was “wrong”, you see?

We even got a visit from Unesco at one point, who were very happy that the development aid in Auroville was going well.

And one day we were visited by German people who had worked in this field in Bangladesh and had run away because of the level of corruption. It were the rich people who got away with the money. We heard the same story of someone who had done development aid work in Africa.

So I want to be a bit softer and put things a bit in perspective. That seems more correct with regard to the situation back then.

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