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The Cat In The Bag - 26

I want to briefly touch upon the hypocrisy in the Swiss camp. What I certainly couldn't stomach was the way we were treated because of this development aid story. Since it was the reason why we were rejected by the other Swiss people, you wonder how they spent their development aid salaries.

It's not as if there was no possibility or need for development aid in Auroville. There was, sure enough.

The villagers lived in dire poverty, I couldn't even understand how they managed to survive in such conditions. It was inhumane, and in that regard Auroville has made a big difference.

It was impossible not to include them, they were begging us for money and work, and often simply stole from us to get by.

At that time already you could see the difference between the villages that were located in the Auroville area, the people who lived and worked in Auroville, and the villages further away.

How the others were dealing with all that, I don't know. But they also had Tamil workers. Most probably it also gave these people some prestige in their village.

So I don't want to judge all that.

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