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The Cat In The Bag - 25

We were also disliked by other Aurovilians when we told that we were from Switzerland. While most nationalities grouped together, but we were being spit out.

Finally someone would explain us that they were scared that if too many Swiss would come here, they would lose their NGO salaries.

But Günther would bolster his courage and via his mother, who went in Switzerland to that very same development aid NGO, make sure that he also got on the pay-roll. And when the NGO visited Auroville to check what their money was being spent on, the Swiss were suddenly very friendly to us.

We needed to stick to the protocol and were told what to say and what not.

And Liesl brought the NGO woman to our place. Günther had made clear I needed to be diplomatic. Günther, the non-conformist, had dressed himself up, it was simply wonderful to witness all that hypocrisy.

But well, the money came just in time because our savings had run out, and Auroville was not going to give us anything.

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