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The Cat In The Bag - 24

Ine's father was an eccentric man, but he had great knowledge of plants and trees. About all the trees that had been planted were put under his guidance. He also created a nursery with medicinal plants outside of Auroville, for the benefit of India. As a reward he was given the Indian nationality.

He also wanted that there were no scooters and motorbikes in Auroville, but nobody cared about that.

But he didn't want to share his knowledge with Günther anymore, because the Swiss had backstabbed him. They had even tried to get him expelled from Auroville.

He would later apologise to us.

These same Swiss people didn't want us either, we were not welcome in their clique.

They jealously guarded the secret that they were living in Auroville while, from the start, getting a salary from a development-aid NGO in Switzerland. They tried to prevent other Swiss people from joining Auroville.

They were rude and haughty, while one of them, Liesl, had been a close friend of mine. When I visited them, her husband ran out angrily and said I had better left. That was a very cold shower. Why this enmity?

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