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The Cat In The Bag - 23

One day our Micha would ask: “Mum, why are we here?”

After all, she had had to leave all her friends and family behind while it hadn't been her decision, no?

I felt guilty about that, and I somehow tried to explain it to her, but however hard I tried and pushed: I couldn't utter a word.

But children are very forgiving and she said: “It's OK mum”.

A few days later she came home, ringing the bell of her cycle. I jumped at first, because I thought something must have happened, and then she laughed and said: “Mum, I know why we are in Auroville. There's something here that you can feel, but it doesn't have words to say what it is that's here.”

My eyes filled with tears. Because she and her dad had accepted the situation without protesting, but I hadn't.

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