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The Cat In The Bag - 21

The first two years were heavy. We needed all of our time to develop our plot, with the necessary delays and set-backs. But still this was not accepted as doing work for the community.

After that first year of hard labour, suddenly and unexpectedly a few nicely dressed Aurovilians came to have a look at our plot. And they said: “You guys can now become Aurovilians because you survived.”

I was red with anger, but Günther held me back. In such situations he said: “My darling wife, don't spoil it please.”

Another such occasion was when we were cycling to Pondy together one day, and were blocked on the road by a horde of screaming Aurovilians. Standing in front of a house, they were yelling at someone inside that he needed to come out and leave Auroville because he was a Tantric. That was the explanation we got when we were stopped on the road.

I wanted to tell them: “Are you all raving mad? You belong in an asylum!”, but Günther grabbed me and pulled me back, shut me up and pushed me and my cycle on until we had passed the group.

Then he ordered me to cycle on. I was furious.

We would hear that many more people were kicked out of their houses because of having collaborated with the SAS.

It was all very confusing for me. I didn't see Auroville that way, this was worse than the situation in the rest of the world. Worse than in a mental institution.

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