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The Cat In The Bag - 15

We learned to observe the wind attentively. Feel the difference in winds and their directions. We had no radio, no weather forecast, we needed to figure out for ourselves which way the winds blew.

What we learned very fast is that when it's windless, very often a storm was coming. It was like a cyclone warning.

Over time we would simply feel it. Not everything is learnt through the brain. Also through our feelings, like which feeling brings this or that in such a situation, and even with interactions. Learning to use all our senses and the purposes they serve.

Being attentive was much more than just looking around. The awareness that every day we encounter quite a bit, and still, as a human being we have captured or heard or seen only a fraction of what all was going on around us.

Maybe the only thing we can say we really possess as a tool is attention. It makes the head very clear, and it was pleasant to feel that clarity in oneself.

And thus we were able to have the windmill turning also at night. One night we would both wake up at the same time, and, working together as a perfect team, close the windmill's wings just before the cyclone hit.

It was such joy that we danced in the storm.

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