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The Cat In The Bag - 1

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

In 1984 we would return to Auroville.

The first time we visited, it had been my wish to come to Auroville. And then, strangely enough, it turned out that Günther actually liked living in Auroville. We made a deal: when our daughter would turn 12, we would return. That meant: 5 more years, and then we go back to Auroville.

Inside, I kept hoping he would get attached to living in Switzerland again – dropping the plan to go back. I was very interested in Mother and the Integral Yoga, and specifically in the transformation. But did all of that mean that I needed to live in Auroville?

I suppose that anybody who reads this at the very least suspects there is more between Heaven and Earth. Günther had the good fortune to be a very rational man. He spoke his languages, was very social, well-read and quite knowledgeable about politics and history.

We were almost complete opposites. Sometimes I wasn't even able to speak my mother-tongue properly anymore, and was gone in realms beyond this material world. I was able to see things he could never see. Only once he was able to see beyond the veil – at least, he saw something that he couldn't explain rationally – and it drove him almost to the end of his wits.

In Auroville, the curtain between the visible and the invisible world is wafer-thin. And loads of entities and dominant forces are in revolt against Mother and her brain-child Auroville. Nowhere will you find so much grace of Mother and the Divine, and still, apparently, nothing seems to work out thus far. But appearances are deceptive. It seems we'll have to pass through all kinds of stages, unavoidably.

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