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Aurovillage 7

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

There once was a boy, whose uncle had given him a leather football and two small, netted goals. In this quite poor neighbourhood, that was a very remarkable and exciting gift, and all children were very eager to play with the boy. Every day, the boy would choose who would be his team mates and who would be in the opposing team. After two weeks, the boy next door couldn't hold back anymore and said: "It's not fair. For two weeks now, you're telling me every day that you'll let me play TOMORROW. But the next day you still never choose me for one of the teams!" "Yes!", said the girl from the opposite house. "You do the same with me! You always choose the same kids to be in your team and always the same for the other team. And we are never allowed to play along. It's not fair!" "No", said the boy, "it IS fair. Because it's MY ball. Therefore I can choose who plays and who doesn't!". "Why don't we just make larger teams?" proposed one of the kids who always was allowed to play. "It doesn't matter how many we are, and real football teams even have eleven players!" "Yes", said one of the boy's team mates, "it's not so important, we can play with all the children. And we can change the teams also. Why don't we mix up the teams today? I'll make teams today, and each day another child can make the teams according to their wish!" "No", said the boy. "It's MY ball. It's MY game. It's MY call. I decide." "Oh come on! That's not fair!", a lot of children were crying out now. "It IS fair", said the boy. "Because it is MY ball. And if you all don't want to do what I want, then you can't play at all, because it's MY ball and I'm taking it back inside." He turned around, bumping into his uncle who took the ball from the boy's hands. "Well, technically", said the uncle, "the ball is mine, as I paid for it. Now didn't I explain to you that I bought this ball and the goals so all the kids in this neighbourhood could play together and have fun with a large group?" "Well, yes", said the boy, "but that doesn't mean that every child needs to play every day. And you gave the ball IMMEDIATELY to me, YOU never played with it! You gave it to me only and not to all of us, so it's clear that it was MY present and it's MY ball. So I should be allowed to do with it whatever I want. It's no longer your ball, and it's also not your concern what I do. I can choose all that myself. I am the one who started to play here, so without me, there is no game even!" "Well, well", said the uncle. "Let's see how that works out. You can go inside, and I'll make teams and let them play without you." "You can't do that!! It's against the law!!" yelled the boy, red with anger. "Is it now?" chuckled the uncle. "It's all fine boy, I'll see you in court then!" And he went to make teams and let the children play. The children had great games, and in time, the goals became fixed and were considered community property. Several generations enjoyed playing football on the little field, having forgotten all about the boy. The boy himself grew up with a grudge, never really getting over what happened that day. He kept on claiming that what the children played wasn't correct football, as they didn't do it according to his rules and wishes. Into his last days, he was heard muttering in his sleep "It's MY ball! It's MY game! I AM FOOTBALL!!!"

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