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Aurovillage 54

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

Lots could be said about what is going on. Already 6 weeks ago I had started writing a post about our dear Mr. Serge Maïni, who was only 5 years ago considered a complete failure and loser in Aurovillage, but is today hailed as a world-class expert in revolutionary technology, a high-ranking Aurovillage official (whatever that may or can possibly mean), and, above all, a highly enlightened yogi, a spiritual being of superior quality, who, for all these reasons, should be given the life-long right to live and be in India as per his sole wishes, regardless of the fact that he is a French national and not an Indian, and an extremely arrogant and self-absorbed one at that. I'll have to leave discussing the eternal blasphemy of having this dumb, insulting and overblown ego kicked out of India for a next post, as we have now even more pressing issues at hand: the latest propaganda dump, complaining once more about what is “being done” to these most poor of victims here, the Aurovillagers, who were such good Aurovilians by planting trees instead of building the Mother's city, living in perfect harmony with trees instead of with other people (who they bully out of here), on their vast plots of land instead of in the small living quarters the Mother had prescribed for all Aurovilians. Land that they received for free from India, as they promised to build and live according to the Mother's ideals, instead of their own colonial and selfish desires.

Once again, to give a bit of real background to the people outside of Auroville who are totally missing the forest for the trees, lost inside the maze of Aurovillage propaganda and unable to make sense of it all or get a realistic idea of what is going on here, I'll “quickly” take apart the statements that are put out by the “Stand for Auroville Unity”, “Auroville Media” and “Evolving Galaxy” outlets – all created and managed by these same people who for some incomprehensible reasons are still allowed to abuse the name of Auroville. Because let it be clear: these people are NOT Aurovilians by any honest measure. They never were, never have been, and most probably never will be. They have hijacked this project and simply claim it as their own property, even though legally, that is impossible and complete nonsense. The legal cases they, in their utter megalomaniac delusion, have launched to get the legal situation adjusted to their fantasies, will in the end all be ruled against them, as the legalities are not as confused as these people, and the fact that their claims and actions are illegal can in the end only be confirmed by the courts. Watch it happen in the coming months.

Anyway, back to their latest cry of indignation. On the auspicious day of June 24th, 2023, they launched a new series of little image-messages, all completely black, with text in white. In case you had any doubt about these people's love for the Light, just look at how much they use black backgrounds and dark colours.

The title slide screams


As usual, they start their attack on Auroville's reality with a string of pure, brazen lies. There are three false claims in this opening line:

  1. “104 forest workers”

  2. “stripped from their livelihood”

  3. “from one day to the next”

We'll tackle these three short claims one by one, in reverse order, to allow everybody to understand and appreciate the total deceit and falsehood of this first statement – which once again, they demand that we accept at face value, because, as always, zero proof of the claims is given by the Aurovillage propaganda campaign.


This latest disinformation piece is based on an email sent and consequent actions taken by the FAMC, the Funds and Assets Management Committee. As explained in more depth in episode 48, the FAMC was created by the Governing Board in 1997, in order to have a body that would manage Auroville's assets for the Governing Board. As explained many times (and as everybody can read for themselves in the text), the Auroville Foundation Act gives the responsibility over all assets, property and finances of Auroville to the Governing Board. Obviously, in order for the Governing Board to assume that responsibility, they need to delegate the real work to someone else, and therefore the FAMC was created. The very simple and personally verifiable fact that the FAMC is legally constituted under the Governing Board is constantly denied or put into doubt in all of the Aurovillage propaganda campaign's publications. I suggest that everybody gets their understanding of this fact straight, and draws the necessary conclusions before dealing with Aurovillage claims.

On June 1st, 2022, the FAMC – which had been hijacked, since its creation, by the same Aurovillage cult leadership that is now so up in arms against everything that is happening here – was reconstituted according to its original mandate and intend: to assist the Governing Board with the management of Auroville's assets and funds. The FAMC members who were in office when the new Governing Board and Secretary were appointed, had been confronting these newly appointed officers head-on, fully endorsing the rebellion and court cases against these officers, and defending the false claims that legally, Auroville belongs to them and the Governing Board has no right to any decision about Auroville. Once again: if you believe such nonsense, please read the Auroville Foundation Act for yourself, and see how it describes the Governing Board, as opposed to the Residents' Assembly. The Residents' Assembly, which can never be defined as “some self-elected small “leadership” of the Aurovilian population”, has no legal decision power over the project of Auroville whatsoever, but is valued as ALL the persons who have the experience on the ground, and thereby can give valuable feedback. There is no question legally about “the RA ruling Auroville autonomously with self-governance”. This whole notion is a fiction that was allowed to be entertained for some decades in the past, but it is in no way a legal reality, and isn't reality anywhere anymore except in the Aurovillage delusion bubble, which seems indestructible.

One year ago, after the new FAMC team took office, they published the following statement. Judge for yourself how they started their immense and ungrateful task of having to clean up 30 years of Aurovillage mismanagement and dysfunctionality:

Dear All

It is a challenging time for Auroville and for all of us.

So many opinions, information and rumours are floating around, and it is very difficult to get a clear picture of anything. The situation is complex, but the main driver of it all is actually a need for compliance and oversight. And it is not something that hits Auroville alone, all of India is going through a strong move into being compliant, with laws, tax, policies and regulations, and it will go on for years to come.

Auroville has been used to a very relaxed way of doing accounting, spending of funds, GST, regulations, etc. And we have created, by organic growth, a very complex organisational setup and governance, which is very difficult to make compliant. We got away with it for many years, even if the previous GB constantly asked for changes and improvements. The introduction of GST amplified all the problems.

The previous FAMC members all tried what they could, but systemic problems made it hard and time consuming to make changes fast enough.

Arrival of a new GB and Secretary increased the intensity of the situation. They also have to be compliant. GB and Secretary are basically responsible for all activities of Auroville towards the Ministry of Education and the Indian Government. All assets, financial as well as physical, belong to the Foundation, and accounts for this as well as proper use, are under the oversight of the Secretary and GB. They for sure can’t take their responsibility as lightly as before, and they demand fast improvements and changes. If you have read the Minutes from last GB meetings, it should be very clear for all. And it is not a coincidence that the first to undergo auditing, in the very large auditing exercise which is under way, was the Foundation Office itself. Everybody is under compliance pressure, Secretary and GB included.

Trying to resist this compliance pressure is futile and also arrogant, in the sense why we should be allowed to avoid adherence to Indian laws and regulations.

The only way forward is to accept the need for change, and do whatever we can, and accept help, to clean our own house. And it is better that we do it ourselves – by refusing, it will only mean others will come in and do it. Inside Auroville work is done by Aurovilians. The inner governance we want comes by keeping our house, administration and management clean and efficient – then nobody will interfere, not Secretary nor GB. But when things fail and collapse, GB are obliged to interfere, that is why they are called the Governing Board.

This new FAMC’s main task is cleaning and compliance of data, accounts, decisions, and management. It is a huge, most likely an ungrateful task, but of the utmost importance for the survival of Auroville. Time can’t be turned back. So please try to understand the seriousness, and support the work that needs to be done.

From Monday, 11th July onwards for next two weeks, the FAMC team will be ready to meet members of the community in the FAMC office, Archives building, first floor, rear side from 3:30 to 4:30 pm every day except Sunday. See you there.

In Her service,



This was one whole year ago. Since then, they have contacted all of the main groups that are supposed to provide combined accounts and accountability for Auroville's assets and income. Unsurprisingly, most of these group were under Aurovillage control, and therefore, communication with the new team was flatly refused. In the Aurovillage parallel reality, their wishful thinking is the truth, and the only truth. In spite of all legal and material reality, they pretend that their groups are the real ones and the legally appointed teams are “illegal”. This is in their parallel reality going to be acknowledged at one point by the Saviour Judge, the superhero of the judicial system in Aurovillage land. They need to keep the continuity of their parallel timeline going to make sure the Saviour Judge can tie up with it, so they keep their shadow groups alive and keep claiming these are the real people. By now, it should only confuse the newest kids on the Auroville block, as this clown circus has been going on for more than a year and has in all that time not once been legally confirmed, quite the contrary. If anybody has doubts and is new to this blog, please start at the beginning with the very easy and short first score of episodes. So instead of accepting that the FAMC had been reconstituted, the Aurovillagers claimed that their group was the only “real” one, and kept calling this group of Aurovillagers “the FAMC”. As this was back then highly confusing for literally everyone, including their own cult members, they resorted to calling it “the FAMC of the RA”, which is a legal nonsense, but obviously, rationality has no part to play in Aurovillage. They have tried to get legal confirmation of their claim that the reconstitution of the FAMC was “illegal”, but had to withdraw the case, as they have absolutely no valid arguments to put forward, and the whole affair was turning into a complete and embarrassing fiasco. In their typical conmen style, they pretended the case was withdrawn to be brought again stronger – nicely forgetting to inform the world that their withdrawal came with the condition that they would not be allowed re-admittance. In the same deceiving manner, they also keep mentioning that the FAMC is “illegal”, in spite of having zero legal proof for this.

Back to the efforts of the new FAMC team, appointed in June 2022. To give transparency and inform the Aurovilians of what is going on in Auroville, the FAMC publishes a monthly report of their working and actions. Already in their first report, published at the beginning of August 2022 and regarding the new team's actions during June and July 2022, they gave the following information (emphasis by me):

  • So far we have managed to meet the following working groups under FAMC (formerly called subgroups): BCC, Housing, Land Board, Farm Group. The Forest Group has declined our invitation to meet.

This is from the very start, one year ago. In the next report, dealing with August, we find:

  • Forest Group has refused to collaborate with us. In fact they have responded that they don't recognise this FAMC. So far we have requested a meeting with them twice. They have changed their group access emails.

Note the change of email addresses, which makes it impossible for the FAMC to communicate directly with the Forest Group, as the Auroville working groups have to use official Auroville domain email addresses, and the shadow domain of the rebellion is obviously blocked.

In the following report, for September 2022, we read, after a few paragraphs dedicated to explain the legal responsibilities of the FAMC and the need for cooperation from all:

  • Currently the number of maintenances allocated for forest work is 37.5 (32 full time and 11 part time). The number of maintenances allocated to farm sector is 30 (27 full time and 6 part time). Farms are producing approximately 15% of the needs of Auroville’s current population. The number of maintenances for L’avenir d'Auroville/ATDC* are 11 (9 full time and 4 part time). There is a systemic fault and an imbalance towards the building of the City the Earth Needs. The current imbalance is heavily loaded against development in general in the city centre of the Master Plan. We at FAMC are ready to meet the foresters and the farmers to understand how to bring a strategic balance to these three important activities of Auroville before we embark on changes. Please reach out to us at the earliest.

* ATDC = Auroville Town Development Council, Auroville's town planning group who have to build the city according to the Galaxy Master Plan; this body has the nickname “L'avenir d'Auroville“, as this was the name originally given by the Mother to Roger's city planning office.

In the October report, amid loads of topics, we once again see no progress due to total refusal of all cooperation by the Forest Group:

  • Challenges: Work Plan for sub groups – Farms & Forests

This stalemate position is repeated in the November report, but by December, the situation can no longer be kept blocked by the Forest Group's refusal to cooperate:

  • Challenges: Work Plan for sub group – Green buffer zones of the Master Plan

By February 2023, a clear proposal was made and published:

Dear friends,

Since June 2022, ever since this FAMC started functioning, we have tried to meet with the people involved in “greening” of Auroville. All of us appreciate the greening work that has gone on for years in AV but we have information that needs to be gathered.

Since we have not managed to sit with those receiving maintenance for green work – aka green belters (despite us reaching out to them a few times) we have asked the questions by email, to collect the baseline data, which has been attached.

We have also requested an annual work plan for the Green buffer zone and Parks. This request has gone unheeded.

In the 57th GB meeting following observations were made:

4.5) There is no pan-Auroville annual budget,

4.6) There is no medium and long term economy plan.

Following actions have been suggested by the GB for the above two points:

4.1) Preparation of an annual Auroville budget that includes all resources and all needs.

4.2) Preparation of a medium and long-term economy plan including financial plans of the income-generating units of Auroville.

To achieve this we need to have the data and cooperation and collaboration from all people involved in this work. Hoping for the same.

In Her service,



Note that these self-proclaimed “forest workers” have not only refused all cooperation, they also flatly refused to give any form of accounts or accountability for what they do in Auroville, on huge swaths of Auroville land, and with the trees they cut and sell that they grow on that Auroville land. It is a public secret in Auroville that the foresters make good business by selling off the wood they grow: all of the saw mills around Auroville get their wood from Auroville itself! All that without ever giving any report or transparency on the income they personally make with Auroville's trees. Please note the not very subtle hypocrisy with their outcries over “cutting trees”.

They claim to be the most valuable part of Auroville, but cannot provide the least little detail of their activities, their income. On top of that, they claim the right to receive a vast part of Auroville's budget, without having to give any explanation or justification of what they do with this money that Auroville has raised.

For clarity, here is the list of who “owns” what of Auroville's forests:

The Indian “stewards” are marked in red. Natasha is the only non-local Indian, and a very militant Aurovillager. Notice how few they are, and what a small portion of the land they “own” in comparison to the Westerners. And do we honestly believe that Elumalai has any leverage over Christophe and Manolo?

Obviously, the whole “stewardship” issue – which never was anything else but an Aurovillage euphemism used to avoid the word “ownership”, which legally is not accepteable – had to be addressed also. This idea that individual Aurovilians can claim ownership or the right to decisions over vast pieces of Auroville land is insane to start out with, and is actually the basis of all the present problems: the “stewards” of “Bliss Forest” and “Youth Centre” flatly refused to allow the Auroville electrical cable, funded by the Government of India, to be laid on “their” land. The cable simply had to go around “their property”. This all started years ago, and even though Auroville was on the Government's radar for the corruption and other skeletons that were falling out of the Aurovillage closets, this issue was almost certainly the trigger for immediate intervention by the Government in Auroville's affairs. Wasting crores of rupees of taxpayer money for no other reason than that some foreigners here pretend the land is theirs and that Auroville's city simply has to move over when they say so, was the straw that broke the camel's back.

To finally deal with this stewardship insanity, FAMC and ATDC issued a joint statement in March, revoking all land stewardships:

Dear Aurovilians,

The detailing and implementation of the Galaxy Master Plan is being prepared on many levels and with urgency by the ATDC.

In order to move forward with the development of Auroville City as per the Master Plan and considering that non-ownership is a core value of life in Auroville, going forward all rights for development of the Auroville lands will follow land-use as defined in the Master Plan and by the ATDC, and endorsed by FAMC. Individual rights over land or other assets, as has been practised till now, will change now to community ownership as per the planning parameters by ATDC and caretaker agreements worked out by FAMC and its subgroups.

This implies that going forward all "land stewardships" that were given or as understood in the past, especially in the City Master Plan area, no longer hold validity in the context it was practised. L'avenir d'Auroville / ATDC is the authorized body that will decide on the land-use of all Auroville lands. City Centre and the lands in the City Master Plan area will immediately be directly under the joint work team of ATDC and FAMC. The Land board team will assist in the maintenance of these land assets.

All the green belt lands also will follow planning parameters in consideration of the ground realities and the necessary change thereof as feasible. The maintenance and caretaker agreements for the green belt lands, farms and lands outside of the Masterplan area are being considered for their proper use.

Persons who have been given land stewardship in the past and have questions about their situation can make an appointment for a personal interaction by writing to and/or

At Her service,


In February, the FAMC had already reported that

  • We have directly communicated with 44 out of 47 people who receive support from the BCC for the green buffer zone and parks work of Auroville. Some baseline data for the buffer zone has been requested from them. This exercise was undertaken because we have not managed to meet with the “group”. An annual work plan and a roadmap needs to be set up for a comprehensive yet optimum green belt land management.

And again, in March, the report included:

  • Farm stewards and Green Zone stewards have been requested to submit annual work plans for each of the assets under their stewardship for a budget overview and planning for the two sectors. The submissions are awaited.

By April 2023, 10 months after the new FAMC team started its clean-up exercise, it was becoming clear that the completely unwilling and unresponsive Forest Group is digging its own grave:

  • Nothing done with the green buffer zone service. The annual accounts for the green buffer zones (erstwhile forests) are still not completed. The 1st year they were to have provided the accounts and it is still pending for February and March 2023.

With exactly zero response or even the slightest acknowledgement of all the requests and reminders sent to them by FAMC, the “Forest Group” was finally, after a full year of requesting cooperation and discussion, sent the following email:

Dear Aurovilians,

The management of Auroville's green areas has deep historical roots, with reasons for structure and functions that might have been valid in earlier times. It has over the years become disconnected from Auroville as a City and the Master plan, and some work and management have been contrary and on a collision course with these plans and Auroville's larger purpose.

FAMC over the last year has tried numerous times to get into a dialogue with the green workers, but with little or no result, often not even willing to meet. The old Forest Group does not seem to have any willingness to change and be part of a fast developing Auroville according to its purpose.

A new Green Service has been established, but no dialogue seems possible. To get out of this impasse FAMC sees no other option than to stop transfer of maintenance as well as recurrent budget from City Services from June 2023. We hope that you will come forward to collaborate with Green Service and FAMC in establishing a united green service where small individually managed stewardshipped areas are abolished, giving way for a more efficient collective management for all green areas in Auroville. We understand that this is a difficult transition. It had been overdue due for many years, which makes it even harder now. But we see it as a necessary step.

We understand that this transition can be difficult for some individuals. In case of individual financial problems you can approach City Services for temporary support.

In Her Service

Auroville will boldly spring towards future realisations


Let's take a deep breath. So far, this whole episode has dealt essentially with only 6 words of the first slide of the latest outcry of victimisation of the Aurovillagers. But all of this shows how blatantly they lie. A whole year of reaching out, of trying to communicate, to sit together, to discuss, to explain, to clarify, to plan, to work things out, to unite, to harmonise, to cooperate, to move forward, to create Auroville as Mother's Dream – a full 12 months of actual, real effort to reconcile and be forgiving, caring, welcoming, open to interact and unite efforts, to work together – all that is completely denied existence, and the Aurovillagers simply claim this is “from one day to the next”. Please tell me they deserve pity and support, these poor little victims.


I suppose it will be by now be quite clear what the value of their other words is. As can be read in the email that was sent, NOBODY was “stripped of their livelihood”. On the contrary: for a full year of rebellion and antagonism, of denial and court cases, of smear-campaigns and lies, the “forest workers” STILL received funds from Auroville, without the recipients giving one single justification for one single paisa. AFTER this whole year of informing them of the need for proper accounting and centralised planning on an Auroville-wide level, the FAMC they hate and do not acknowledge and can't stop slandering and calling “illegal”, this same FAMC STILL offers them a job as a green worker with the Auroville Green Service. Everybody is free to keep working with trees and chainsaws, only it has to be done in the setting of Auroville's municipal organisation instead of as independent colonial settlers with zero accountability to anyone.

And in return for this beautiful gesture, the Aurovillagers produce this piece of dirt, to make good-willing, misinformed, emotionally blackmailed people far away support their false cult narratives and believe that these liars are the victims here.


No, we're NOT talking about “104 forest workers”. We are talking about a group of Aurovillagers, who have chosen to live as colonials on stolen land, as kings of their castle, doing nothing whatsoever for Mother's Auroville except block it, prevent it, divert it, corrupt it, and do everything they can to shred it out of existence. Almost all of Auroville is simply overgrown with wild, unkempt thorny bushy creepers, festering along an infestation of a foreign tree species. Apart from the fact that Auroville now has a lot of green cover, which helps with the climatic difficulties and gives a green surrounding to the future city, there is no visible benefit for Auroville and no sign at all that these people are doing any meaningful work for the collective. The Mahalakshmi park was landscaped a tiny bit, I'll give them that. But the negative influence weighs much heavier than these minuscule gains. As said before: there is zero evidence that the people who claim to be the Forest Group have contributed significantly to the creation of Auroville's green cover. Many of the people who started the greening of this area are gone, either chased away or from old age. After some years, the “forest” grows itself, and whether they added some more rare species is cosmetic at most. What we need right now is the creation of the 4 Galaxy parks, of landscaped areas within the buildings that make up the city, of green connections and pathways along and in between the city elements. What we have right now is some unorganised wild growth all over the city area, and huge pieces of land that are simply claimed as private property of “foresters”, who claim to be indispensable for Auroville, but are contributing exactly nothing to the city or its society.

We've so far covered only one single slide from their six-slide jeremiad. However, the ground covered for that title alone gives most of the needed explanations, as whatever else follows is only more of the same. Yes, also, as usual.

The Funds and Assets Management Committee (FAMC), illegally appointed by Secretary of the Auroville Foundation, Jayanti Ravi, has announced the cancellation of the entire forest budget and maintenance scheme.

I challenge anyone to produce a legal document that confirms their endless claim that the FAMC is not legally appointed. I can guarantee you there is none. The FAMC is legally a body of the Governing Board, and the Governing Board is totally in charge of what it is, how it functions, and who is part of it. The claim of “illegal” is nothing but a lie, and probably comes from projection: this Aurovillage cult has zero legality, that is exactly what they seek to obtain from the court cases: some paper that gives them some legal right.

A total of 104 forest workers (many of who are employed from the bioregion, as well as Aurovilians) are financially dependent on the forest budget and maintenance scheme.

Doesn't this just make your heart bleed? These poor people, who are financially dependent on money generated by other Aurovilians, have given these other Aurovilians and the legally appointed managers the middle finger for a whole year, so self-obsessed that they believed that it was totally OK for them to do so without there ever being consequences. How unjust the world can be.

This sudden decision is extremely inhumane and has serious consequences for the people who have been working for the forest, many of them since more than 30 years. What will happen to them?

Oh my god. Really immensely sudden, after a whole year of pretending to be deaf! Absolutely inhumane to just pull the plug after 12 months of asking for a meeting, asking for a plan, asking for accounts, asking for the least bit of justification for the money poured on these so exquisite “foresters”. Nobody could have seen this kind of abuse coming! What will happen to these poor people who took hold of these vast swaths of land, who pretended to be kings and queens, who haughtily slammed the door in the face of people who wanted to come and negotiate a solution, and who are STILL offering them jobs? We are squeezed to have pity for arrogant nincompoops who are so lost in their own delusion they don't even have the decency to acknowledge that the FAMC has not at all left everybody hanging without income. On the contrary: they all are invited to come and work for Auroville's Green Service – which should have been created in the early years of Auroville's existence, instead of now, and instead of these private kingdoms.

The real question is: why have they put the livelihoods of their workers in jeopardy by starting a rebellion against the Governing Board, and giving the middle finger to the FAMC? Everybody with some rationality left can see they could only ever lose, as foreigners in India, occupying land that was earmarked since before they came onto the scene to be the location of a spiritual CITY. There crocodile tears over their workers are as disgusting as their abuse of little children in the attempt to stop bulldozers in full swing, or their abuse of the trees they planted wilfully on the Crown Road and other features of the Galaxy Plan. The truth of the Aurovillage media campaigns should be a total rejection of support for such low scamming.

With zero experience on the matter, the illegitimate FAMC plans to impose a “one size fits all' system of forest management, abolishing our present system which has been in practice for decades.

I suppose by now everybody understands what the value of what we're being told is here. Reality:

  • FAMC is legitimate.

  • FAMC has had to formulate the plan all by themselves because the Aurovillage idiots were too self-engrossed to propose anything or have meetings about it.

  • Planning city parks and green spaces is not something that Aurovillage invented, regardless of how hard they try to convince us otherwise.

  • The present “system” is abusive, corrupt, colonial and self-serving. It's exactly because it stinks up to high heaven (and Delhi) that the new Governing Board was tasked with the clean-up.

For more than 30 years, foresters themselves have expertly co-ordinated the management of Auroville's forests, while often investigating lakh's of personal funds, leading to Auroville's incredible reforestation success.

It's the exact same litany of false arguments as Satprem makes in his “defence”. It's quite clear these people are not the ones who created this “forest”, but are actually the only ones enjoying them. Everyone who lives in Auroville presently has invested lakhs of personal funds, because that is how the Aurovillage they themselves created functioned, and that is exactly how they wanted it and how they still want it: their whole fight is against the urgent repair of the total dysfunctionality here. Everything was always completely personal and individual, that is exactly what was so wrong.

One of the biggest lies of Aurovillage is the self-inflation, self-aggrandisement with which they pretend that their silly little colonial cult is something important, something special, something that nobody should touch lest some armageddon punishment for unspeakable blasphemy befall us.

Idiotic, stupid fools. Ordinary to the extreme. That's all there is here. As I once read about another cult's “museum” long ago: “The museum was closed due to the far-reaching worthlessness of the objects on display”. Once people have stopped believing the narrative of something or someone being “special” for no other reason than “because we say so”, and have started seeing the extremely ordinary reality for what it is, pity and support fall away, and only valueless rubbish is left.

Auroville's forests are made up of an assemblage of 40 different forest zones, each unique in their ecology and management approach.

They now have found nothing better than to try to pretend that dysfunctionality is something good. As the FAMC has explained, having these personal, individual, little kingdoms is the opposite of Mother's Auroville: it has absolutely nothing to do with a spiritual city where nobody possesses anything and everything is for everyone. It's also an accounting nightmare, especially when everybody claims to be so special and unique they simply float above all accounting and accountability. The Aurovillagers are now claiming that these private places are somehow a sort of precious asset. Well, they certainly will be precious to the former “owners”, but for Auroville, for the Aurovilians and for Humanity as a whole, they are just as wasted and non-existent as all other private property in the world where we will never be allowed to set a foot.

I'll skip the “unique in their ecology” part, I suppose that by now, the insane level of self-inflation in order to defend the concept of 'private property managed with money from the common pot' is clear to all.

Now, this incredible biodiversity established over a total of 1200 acres is in danger. The illegitimate FAMC wants to impose a top-down authoritarian regime, removed from the reality on the ground.

Nothing is in danger, except the personal interests of the Aurovillagers. Anybody who knows a thing or two about biodiversity and rare ecological places can come and have a look here, and let us know how many different very exceptionally special and unique biotopes they can identify. Everybody who is not brainwashed in advance will come and be extremely underwhelmed about what is happening here under the banner of spectacular and expert “forestry”. The real experts of the Indian Forest Service were totally unimpressed, and were even taken aback that so much fuss could be created about so little. When you drive around Tamil Nadu and India and only heard about Auroville's "forest-expertise", you must come away believing that the Aurovilians have planted trees all over this country, because you'll find these kinds of reforested and forested areas everywhere you go. Only, they don't have Aurovillagers to take the credit for them. I suggest the Aurovillagers yet start claiming it was their beneficial influence on India that brought the impetus to preserve or plant trees and enjoy green cover.

The other trope they have been repeating since the moment they lost their power positions, and which they have to include every single time, is the alleged “authoritarian regime”. That they ultimately attack the Indian Government with this is clear for all, but they still feel that they can insult the Government of India while at the same time proclaim that they are highly valuable spiritual beings who need to be given life-long visas, in fact, as India will be so much richer with them in it. We all buy that of course.

And then, once again, eternally: only THEY are the experts, only THEY are Auroville, nobody else in the world will ever be able to know, understand, grasp, handle, steer, manage, decide or define anything related to Auroville. It's a full-spectrum monopoly: “without us, Auroville can not exist”. Well, we can only wish them good luck with the eventual reality-check, and plug our ears when it hits them.

We expect a huge loss in the quality of forest management, and the destruction of our forests to make way for roads and buildings according to a rigid and cold interpretation of the Auroville Master Plan.

Yes. Most people who think of themselves as gods and goddesses live in the delusion that the world will end once they stop abusing it.

Fortunately for the world and for Auroville, we don't need to care about what the delusional “expect”. We have reality, common sense and our own brain capacity to help us see that it can only get better with them out of the way.

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