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Updated: Feb 14, 2022

One of the most interesting aspects of this whole "battle" is the fact that the actual situation is not what matters apparently, only how it is interpreted and how one identifies, labels and portrays oneself and the events. What I mean is this: In the sixties, the hippie-movement rebelled against the establishment, and wanted to change the accepted narratives and attitudes. The vast majority of the population functioned according to certain proscribed beliefs and habits. The hippies – rightfully – questioned this lifestyle but also denounced them and the people who lived like that in a very dismissive and even violent way: the non-hippies were dumb, old-fashioned and sheepish. The "enlightened" hippies saw themselves as superior and smarter, having the right values and opinions. This rebellious attitude and its arrogant superiority became their identity, the central axis of their personality. They saw themselves first and foremost as "anti-establishment". That was and always remained who they are at their core – at least in their own perception. Over the last five decades, most (if not all) of the hippie worldview has become mainstream and accepted as the dominant belief system. In other words: it has become the establishment's doctrine. The "left" of the 1960's is now generally dictating policies and has enforced its credo onto our global society. They have "won" and over time became the establishment. But... In spite of the fact that the societal and political situation has completely changed in their favour, giving them most of the power, they STILL identify as the underdog and "anti-establishment", as the rebels fighting some authority enemy. This is totally the case in Auroville. The "alternative" attitude has been in power here since decades, while constantly claiming to be "anti-establishment". There is an endless, almost robotic refusal of responsibility by throwing the blame for all failures and negative realities onto some elusive and fictional "authority", the "bureaucracy", the old world institutionalised powers-that-be, in spite of the fact that nobody apart from themselves takes decisions here. If ever it happens that a real change is made – as was the case with the entry process 5 years ago –, they manage to have it overturned in no time. It took this "anti-establishment" establishment no more than three months to completely undo three years of "due community process". It is therefore very silly to see these people, who have been in power for more than three decades, pretend that they are victims of the authorities. They claim to be the virtuous, the brave warriors of the new world, while at the same time having an identity based on the societal situation 50 years ago, and which has not moved an inch since then. It's really turning everything upside-down. Which is not surprising in the end, as we live through the final stages of a global Western society based upon falsehood: everywhere in the world we see blatant claims that black is actually white. What is the most surprising is that in our case, the actual national government is now rightly denouncing the hypocrisy and corruption of these "alternative" hippies. Who'd have held such a reversed situation for possible? Incredible India!

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