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Aurovillage 43

As absurd as it is to have to do this, I can only keep on hammering on the fact that THEY LIE. It's what they have done from the start, it's how they spend their lives as that is how they got power and possessions.

Everything they claim is absurd, is an insult to the Mother, to Auroville, to humanity and its deep longing for Truth and honesty, for something TRUE in this world filled to the rim with falsehood.

Can you imagine how you would feel if you did not have to pretend all the time? How would life be if we did not have to be afraid of other's opinions, of being punished for how we look, what we say, what we do, what we think? A world in which we can be just ourselves. Our real selves. Not the fake persons we have created since childhood, more fake with every time our sincerity was used against us, every time we got smacked for being honest and ourselves.

Imagine. Just simply being. Being our True Selves. Because there is nobody to hurt us anymore, nobody who will judge us and mock us, nobody who will crush our souls by being mean and a bully.

It is to help the world move towards the Truth that the Mother created Auroville.

But of course, the world of falsehood was not going to let that happen without a fight.

Auroville was a spot in a very isolated place, well hidden away from the public eye. This remote place was very attractive to western people who were desperately wanting to get away from all authority, and be their own boss. People who wanted to just do whatever they felt like, without the judgement of society, and without the restrictions of legal authorities. Away from all the limitations, free to run around naked if they wanted, free to live out their every desire and every whim, their impulses that were so tightly kept in a straight-jacket, and were itching all over.

Here was a place that nobody could monitor. A place that was – jackpot! – beyond any political authority, as “no nation could claim [it] as its sole property”. A place where people from all over the world were asked to come and reinvent the societal wheel, where life was to start from scratch again, and where the whole of pompous western society with all its useless complexities had no existence.

OK, there were some plans apparently, and some spiritual requirements. Something about a New Humanity? Harmony? Human Unity?

But wasn't that the most miraculous coincidence ever? Here were these hippies, literally ticking all the boxes, fitting this project to a T.

  • Yoga? That's some physical exercises, right? Love them.

  • Spirituality? OF COURSE. I love incense, psychedelics, tantra, mantra, yantra, chantra – cool, bring it on!

  • Physical work? Yep, a few hours of some physical work per day: great. Given that I'll be my own boss and decide when I work and when I don't, and given it's mainly for my own benefit: I'm in.

  • Discipline? SPIRITUAL discipline you mean obviously, I know you hate the old world as much as I do, so we're clear that you don't ACTUALLY mean discipline, but you mean discipline as in “new year's resolutions”, I'm sure. Just some intention to do something one day, yea, I totally dig that.

  • No comfort? Hey, I don't give a damn, you know? If I get my pot and girl, I don't give a damn if I have them with cockroaches or rats, you see?

  • No possessions? Yo, communism is my thing! I'm as red as a pile of blood! Obviously, you don't REALLY mean that my house isn't mine and my stuff isn't mine – whose else would it be, ah?

  • New Humanity? I WAS BORN DIFFERENT! Clearly way ahead of my time, clearly ready for the next stage here. Don't look any further: your New Human is standing in front of you!

  • Human Unity? YOU BET!!! I can unite with almost any girl I've ever seen, so no worries there! We're all different, but all want the same thing for sure! Unity in Diversity, I say!

  • New city? Sure. That Galaxy thing? Here? Hahaha. You're funny. Nah, that doesn't fit with all the rest. Clearly, YOU are NOT part of the New Humanity. That kind of city stuff is for people whose head is still stuck in their old-world-ass. Not us. But it's a nice picture to put on flyers, sure. It's just not going to be possible here of course, not like that, of course. Anyone can see that it's absurd: look around you. This thing doesn't belong here. Not now. Not ever. We'll turn that spiralling thing into something REALLY different, you know? You don't SERIOUSLY expect the New Humanity to live in something as stupid as a white concrete spiral city, do you now?

Can you see it? End of the sixties. Extreme freedom. A remote place. A spiritual experiment. Some super-easy-to-bend conditions. A Lie Is Born.

Half a century later, they claim that they have turned this place in some sort of paradise (for them it surely WAS!!), with a cartoon-like “nothing but good happens here in our little village” life, where suddenly, out of the blue, coming from nowhere, materialises this Lady Evil, a comic-strip super villain, for no other reason than the jealousy evil has when it sees something nice, and she comes only to destroy this peaceful little wonderful paradise ecovillage.

What kind of person believes such idiocies?

Who thinks that such things happen in real life?

Why would anyone fall for such absurdly ridiculous account of things?

Is it thàt hard to check what really happened here all these years?

Is it thàt hard to keep some common sense, and find some facts?

Remember, we are not talking about nuances here. We are not talking about “yes, but nothing is perfect and there are defects everywhere”.

No. We are talking about complete, full-on vilification. About demonising, about spreading “reports” that make everything black and white, everything extreme, everything grotesque, everything screaming and out of proportion, out of this world.

The claims that are being made are literally that Madam Secretary is doing a super-villain stint here. And that they are little saints who are the completely innocent victims.

They literally claim that it is their basic human right to have a long-term visum to live comfortably in Auroville. And that if they say someone has to be given that visum, India simply has to give it. No buts.

They claim that the complete organisational mess here is a perfectly legally functioning democracy, which nobody in the world has the right to question, as it is a spiritual experiment and therefore beyond all normal scrutiny.

They claim that having stolen this project and its land 50 years ago, and not having been questioned about it for 50 years, now simply makes wanting to get the land back a full-on criminal act.

They claim to be the victims of horrible crimes whenever someone disagrees with them or does something they don't agree with. They claim that brutally attacking is peaceful protest, but defending against the attacker is unacceptable violence.

They claim that black is white, that selfishness is spiritual, that bullies are saints, that liars are heroes, that lying is a virtue.

Their lies are getting more extreme, but the reality is still there for all to see.

It is obvious that they are 95% foreign. Every meeting they have is filled with foreigners.

They are colonials, and have had no respect whatsoever for the Tamizhs in whose land they came to live. They didn't come to live in India, they did CERTAINLY not come to live in Tamizh Nadu, they came to settle in Auroville: an independent, self-governing entity. If not legally independent, then independent in practice. That's what's written in the Foundation Act, didn't you know? If it's not literally written there, then it's clearly said by Kireetbhai and by the Minister of HRT in 1988 when he was defending the Auroville Foundation Act in Parliament.

Everything will be turned upside down.

But the fact that all of their pictures are full of white people remains very hard to hide.

So now they have found two devoted young Tamizh Aurovilians, who go from door to door, like Jehova's Witnesses, convincing all Tamizh Aurovilians that the Secretary is going to leave after the 15th of August – wait, that's already past and she's still here – in December. VERY SOON in any case. And then everything goes back to normal like it was before, and so everybody now has to show their loyalty to the white colonials or they will pay a heavy price after everything is back like before.

There's nothing like fear-mongering when you want people to blindly do what you tell them. And because Aurovillage worked on bullying and fear-mongering since the very beginning, the threats do the trick. Of course: most Tamizhs have actually LIVED like that here all their lives: do what the cult leaders tell you, and you'll be relatively comfortable. Stick your neck out, and you can be assured of serious misery. What would you choose?

Threats alone don't do it, and since the beginning of psychopathic times, they have been accompanied by publicly rewarding the traitors: the Tamizhs who are being good servitors of the colonial elite get promoted to positions in the fictitious working groups, operating in the metaverse.

Valli has lied, repeatedly, defiantly, with a straight face, to the police. She was rewarded through being promoted from being their secretary to becoming a “member” of the “Lurking Committee”.

Sathya has lied brazenly, in spite of the CCTV footage, with a straight face, to the police. And to the TV. Played the victim, while everybody knows she was the attacker.

Rest assured that she is rewarded nicely for rendering such valuable services to the Aurovillagers.

Balamurugan, who is not an Aurovilian, is getting paid handsomely to spread all their lies as far and as wide as he can, and push their lies under the nose of every single person in a position of power that he knows.

All three work for western overlords. All three do the dirty work, and are temporarily given the status of heroes, as that dirty work is suddenly of immense importance for the lives of the Aurovillagers.

All three will be thrown under the bus when the need comes. Or do they think these overlords will take them with them when they have to leave Auroville and return to their countries?

These are just some of the Tamizhs who ended up completely corrupted by these peace-loving harmonious nice spiritual colonisers. They grew up in this cesspit of lying and bullying, and seem to have surrendered their original identities to the people whose lies they believe.

Because the Tamizh people are not western. The very vast majority of them know very well what the truth of Aurovillage is. They have seen it, they have heard about the early days from their elders, they have kept their sense of reality and honesty.

And they smile and greet me joyfully when they pass me on the road. Because they know: the emperor has no clothes.

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