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Aurovillage 40

[This post was written 6 weeks ago, but not published as it dealt with a court case that was not disposed of yet.

In the past six weeks, the lying has taken again astronomical forms: they are now putting up shows for which they have been trained, seizing on moments in which their rehearsed lines and behaviour will be suitable, with the cameras rolling. Then the editing and framing does the rest, and they sell to the world a piece of fiction claiming it's the sacred truth, with the conviction that puts both Edward Bernays and Leni Riefenstahl to shame.

At the end of this post are messages from the Mother that show how She evolved in her dealing with the kind of "good-willing servitors" that were populating Auroville. Notice the timeline, and how She had to hammer the same nail more regularly and heavily with time.

And then She passed away, and the liars had nobody to call them out anymore, and were allowed to live out their reign of falsehood in what was supposed to be the City at the Service of Truth.

Up until today, 50 years later, they have done nothing else but endless lying, perfecting their "skill"and deviously adding in the fact that since they are allowed to tell these lies since the very start, their kingdom of falsehood here is claimed to have legitimacy only because it has been allowed to exist for all these years.

Their only defence is: "We have been allowed to lie for more than 50 years, and to greatly profit from that lying. You now have no right to stop us anymore, because it is now our basic human right to lie and to profit."]

The worst thing is the blatant lying. If only they would stop lying all the time. Endlessly. Always. Pathologically.

It is obviously the only way they got this far, but for anyone who has gotten to the point where you know the truth and can see the lying, it's completely degenerating. It's the raw material, the fabric of everything they say and put out. The basis and content of all they have been pumping out in the past 50 years. Because these lies have been put out endlessly since so long, the amount of people here that simply cannot live anymore outside of these lies is staggering. So many people have COME for the lies, JOINED this cult for these lies, and FEED OFF these lies every day: it is simply no longer a possibility for them to even consider that the insanities they believe might maybe not be the truth.

Take this example: in the “community gathering” (which is nothing but a cult session in which all of the false beliefs are reaffirmed by having a few hundred people together in one space each in turn enthusiastically share with the group how strongly they believe in the cult's false narratives) that was mentioned in episode 39, Hemant Lamba stands in front of the crowd and announces the following:

The information which I want to share over here is about a “writ petition” which the Working Committee has filed in the High Court of Chennai, to restore the rights of the Residents' Assembly, the rights of the “Chosen Working Committee of the Residents' Assembly”. So today it has been admitted –


Today it has been admitted in the Chennai High Court, there is the lawyer who appeared on behalf of the Secretary of Auroville Foundation has given an undertaking that in this one week, till next Monday, will be no action which will be taken which will be detrimental to the rights and decisions of the Residents' Assembly. Next Monday the hearing will start and once as it progresses, we'll keep reporting. Thank you.

(More applause, and thanks for the beautiful and encouraging lies)

The fact that a writ petition was filed is correct. But the three claims Hemant makes about it are all three complete lies.

1. The Working Committee did not file anything. If at all possible, such a filing would have to go through the Foundation Office which obviously is not going to file a case against itself. Hemant filed this case IN HIS OWN NAME, and nobody else's. And what he calls the Working Committee is just a group of Aurovilians, not even accepted by the Governing Board as the representative of the Residents' Assembly. All the terms the Aurovillagers use always have a perverted meaning: the Residents' Assembly is legally the collective of all people listed in the Register of Residents. The Aurovillagers constantly use the term to designate their cult of about 800 members. Everybody that does not agree with them and does not participate in their cult sessions is simply not “the Residents' Assembly”. Easy, no? Applause guaranteed.

2. The case was NOT ADMITTED at all. In fact the case is STILL not admitted, three weeks later. It is not clear if it ever will be, the judge has not yet given a decision on that. From June 20th, the “next Monday” Hemant talks about, the hearing was adjourned to July 4th, and on July 4th it was adjourned again for a week.

3. The lawyer of the Foundation did NOT MAKE ANY PROMISE. Nothing of that claim is true. Where that bold lie originated is a mystery.

And as if this wasn't enough, that same lie was used in a very convoluted way more than a week later, when the management of the Auroville Archives was changed because the old management refused cooperation with the Foundation Office, which is in high need for archival material with the preparations for the celebrations of Sri Aurobindo's 150th birth anniversary, taking place in the weeks before and on next August 15th.

When Gilles, who was running the Archives as his personal collection, was asked to step aside and let the new team come in, a picture of some letter was flashed around, while the exact same false claim was made: “Your lawyer promised that the Foundation Office would not take any action against the Residents' Assembly!”

First of all, the letter that was flashed around (and not published on their website, strangely enough, while they proudly show off every possible piece of “evidence” of their “poor unjust victimhood”) is of unknown origin and not signed by anyone. Secondly, the content apparently has nothing to do whatsoever with any Residents' Assembly of any planet of the galaxy. And thirdly, even IF Hemant's lie at the cult gathering were true – which it isn't, the whole thing is one big falsehood – then STILL “this one week” was already over. That's the issue with liars: they get lost in their own web of lies.

In spite of these hard facts, in the “City at the Service of Truth”, Hemant-the-Liarhard has a truckload of followers and admirers, and is considered a hero by many cult members. Just like all the other cult leaders, who lie so constantly they end up believing it all themselves.

Can you imagine how insane it is to live here? This is Auroville, a totally unique and special place, where people claim to live a highly spiritual life and to strive for immensely glorious and wonderful ideals.

Aurovilians are supposed to be the best possible human beings, an example for the world.

But the people who hijacked this project do nothing but lie. 24/7 Since 54 years.

Here are the Mother's messages for the sub-humanity that She saw taking over Her project.

For Willing Servitors of the Divine Consciousness, not even one of these would be needed. But for these people, pointing it out only seemed to have encouraged them to go on with their crimes. The crescendo of Her messages speaks volumes on their behaviour.

28 August 1971

Auroville must not lie. Everyone who aspires to be an Aurovilian must make the resolution never to tell a lie.

13 July 1972

So long as we go on telling lies, we go on pushing the happy Future far from us.

22 October 1972

For those who have been taken into Auroville on a wrong statement of theirs, there is only one solution: it is to cure in themselves all falsehood, that is to say, all that contradicts in their consciousness the Presence of the Divine.

30 October 1972

[Three possible forms of greeting for those Aurovilians who wish to use them]

Au service de la Vérité

At the service of Truth


31 October 1972





I can work with you only if you do not say a lie and are at the service of Truth.

26 November 1972

Before dying, falsehood rises in full swing.

Still people understand only the lesson of catastrophe. Will it have to come before they open their eyes to the Truth?

I ask an effort from all so that it has not to be.

It is only the Truth that can save us, truth in words, truth in action, truth in will, truth in feelings. It is a choice between serving the Truth or being destroyed.

19 December 1972

To all those who are telling lies

By the simple fact that you are telling lies you prove that you do not wish to be true Aurovilians.

If you wish to remain in Auroville you must stop lying.

28 December 1972

To be a true Aurovilian one must never lie.

18 March 1973

Auroville will become what it must be:

Only if and when the people living there will stop lying.

18 March 1973

When you say “I want to serve the Divine”, do you believe the All-Knowing does not know that it is a lie?

(Excerpts from “Aims and Principles” – Words of the Mother Vol. I)

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