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Updated: Mar 27, 2023

The issue is complex, in the sense that it is the result of decades of hypocrisy. The RA meeting that is now asked for was already held over and over again during more than 20 YEARS. There is a limit to how many times you can claim that the process that affirms that Auroville should not have private property was somehow not valid. There is a total lack of goodwill and respect towards Auroville's basic principles as given by the Mother, justified with all kinds of misrepresented and misinterpreted quotes and so called spiritual explanations. This hypocritical attitude is not only constantly condoned, it is also taught to children and newcomers as the line to be toed if one wants to live in Auroville and be accepted by what they call "the community". The fact that the Government of India has given this negative, childish attitude a long time to work itself out and let the Aurovilians make the needed changes by their own accord has only become one more reason for this immature and arrogant collective to feel that they are king and hold the power to do as they please and dictate what is true and what is false. It is by now a simple disgrace, and instead of showing the least bit of self-reflection, humility and understanding of reality, the reaction is once again to double down and keep pushing the same button that worked so well for the past 30 years: claiming the divine right to be above the law, and making the demand to be left alone as we are too special to be interfered with. The narcissistic, self-indulgent baby phase of Auroville is finally over. Let's see who is willing to help it grow into a conscious child.

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