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Aurovillage 36

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

It is becoming very hard to write about what is happening here. There are no words anymore to describe it aptly.

In fact, I have already described it all. I have explained what the root causes are, and shown that the Aurovillagers are insane beyond belief. They are delusional in their belief of “untouchability”, the belief in their literally Divine Right that they are destined and entitled to live here in Auroville, to own this place, to rule it, to decide what happens here, and nobody, least of all the Government of India, has the right to tell them otherwise, let alone prove them wrong.

Things have gone totally overboard in the past two weeks. And nothing, literally NOTHING of what they are encountering, is for them a cause for introspection, for reflection, for pausing, taking a little break, taking some distance, and think about what they actually are doing.

Every action they take, every word they say, is an immediate doubling down on their position and stand, which is a claim to ownership, to possession, and to the right to wield power, the right to rule Auroville. While the Auroville Foundation Act stipulates the total opposite.

It is honestly mind-boggling, even though I know that they will not change course, and even though everybody could see it coming since a long time. They are running off the cliff at lightning speed, and nothing or nobody will be able to change their determination to commit suicide.

It is, in spite of everything, a very deeply disturbing event to witness.

Specifically because it is so easy to see how they are dragging all these cult members with them.

In case someone was still questioning my use of the word 'cult': what else is this? When people have no discernment whatsoever, not the least bit of sense of reality, when people run to their ruin because their leaders tell them to, because of their blind “loyalty” to the group, what else is that, but a cult in which the only thing that is real, is the cult narrative, the cult delusion bubble?

There is no other reality left for these people: they are no longer capable of rational thought. Nothing in reality is able to pierce the concrete walls of their bubble, and only what they believe is real. Even if it means that their lives here will be upended.

So what has been going on in Auroville in the past two weeks? Brace yourself for some serious soap-opera nonsense.

Two Sundays ago, just before the end of the notorious (dealt with in episode 33) “we need to get rid of the evil defectors”-“RAD” (Residents' Assembly Decisionmakingprocess – if you're new to these absurdities, either read up on this blog from the start, or don't even bother and just take it for the nonsense it is), the Governing Board sent a letter to the Working Committee and the Residents' Assembly, asking to stop all Residents' Assembly processes until the Register of Residents is updated.

This Register is the official list of Aurovilians, kept by the Foundation Office. It has come to light that it has not been kept up to date by the former Governing Boards, and hence the Foundation does not have a correct record of who is now officially able to claim “Aurovilianship”.

Aurovillage wouldn't be Aurovillage if the cult hadn't created its own list, of course. So the Residents' Service keeps another record of who they consider to be Aurovilians, called the “Master List” – much more flattering to have a List of Masters than a simple Register of Residents, no?

The “Master List” is already a very questionable document, as it notoriously contains deceased Aurovilians and people who left Auroville many years ago, “temporarily”.

I cannot escape the uneasy feeling that it is nearly impossible to be added to the “Master List” if you are openly criticising the cult, and that it is on the other hand also almost impossible to REMOVE someone from that list if the cult wants them on it.

It will be obvious to all that from the start of this clash, the cult is banking on the narrative that this fight is an “interference” from “the Government” into the “totally undisturbed” and “very orderly” “internal matters” of Auroville, “creating division” and “enmity” among the otherwise so united Aurovilians, and that in fact the Foundation Office has declared war on the poor, innocent, peacefully-living-in-harmony Aurovilians.

I have started this blog for the very reason that I saw this totally false narrative immediately being pushed down everybody's throat ad nauseam when the December events happened, and I wanted to at least give SOME push-back to the mindless swallowing of this complete lie.

It is NOT true. The battle today is the inevitable, inescapable, unavoidable, logical, evident and fully predictable outcome of all the abuse, perversion and corruption that has been the normal daily life here over the past 50 years. What is happening today is nothing else. It is the culmination, the full flowering of the toxic roots that were seeded into Auroville from the very start, when the first “Aurovilians” came to live here on the “deserted plateau”.

Everybody can read for themselves how the Mother describes the “evolution” of the first 5 years of Auroville's existence in the last volumes of Mother's Agenda. It is an undeniable descent into a very low consciousness. In the end, She keeps telling Satprem that “they are beyond my reach”, that She has no control whatsoever over them, that there is nothing She can do to prevent the Aurovilians from abusing Her creation and turning it into a disgrace. That was 50 years ago. At that moment already, the Mother gave a clear assessment of the lawlessness and moral bankruptcy that dominated the population of Auroville.

Today, this cultivation of a stinking swamp has reached the point where India can no longer accept this aberration to remain on its soil. There is no other solution than a total clean-up, a complete make-over of Auroville, having the toxic roots pulled out of Auroville and thrown away, making place for more healthy plants to grow.

In a desperate “life-or-death” attempt to remain in power, the cult is pumping out 24/7 the narrative that this is a fight of the “authorities” against “the people”, and it needs to be tackled by the facts.

Therefore the Register of Residents needs to be updated, to have a clear list of who actually is all living here and claiming to be an Aurovilian, and to know what exactly they are doing here in Auroville.

According to the Foundation Act, the Residents' Assembly is everybody that is on the Register of Residents.

The Aurovillagers, as was shown in episode 18, only represent about one third of that, around 800 people. But they constantly pretend to be the whole of Auroville, the whole Residents' Assembly. Who these 800 people are that support them in their “democratic” voting rounds is not known, they keep the names of the voters a big secret, because obviously not every last person here is as far gone as to assume that there are no risks in attacking the Governing Board of the Auroville Foundation. The Foundation is a body under the Ministry of Education and therefore legally a part of the Government of India. How can foreigners live in India while being involved in activities that go against the Government?

[As a little aside: the Aurovillagers are again trying to have their cake and eat it, as they claim that the Auroville Foundation is an “autonomous body” under the Government, and therefore is NOT part of the Government, but at the same time they then abuse the “Right To Information” Act which gives Indian citizens the right to request access to all official documents pertaining to all Governmental entities. So they are now demanding that the Governing Board gives them access to all of their documents, because the Auroville Foundation is part of the Government of India and thus falls under the RTI law, but on the other hand they claim total independence and autonomy from the Government of India because the Auroville Foundation is an “autonomous body”.]

Back to what is actually happening here. So the Governing Board had issued a letter demanding that all decision would be paused. All decisions taken by the “Residents' Assembly” before the updating of the Register of Residents is completed would be null and void.

Guess how the Aurovillagers reacted.

They had just held another meeting, this time called a “Pour Tous Meeting”, to make it clear to all that indeed, this fight is directly linked to the olden days. In the 70s, the meetings in which the Aurovillage cult would publicly attack all the persons who were not toeing the cult line well enough, were called “Pour Tous (“for all”) meetings”. They probably want to get back to these good old days in which they ruled supreme and had no difficulties in getting rid of all the people who did not “fit in” (read: obey them). A mythical past that never really existed is always a great way to get people to volunteer as cannon-fodder in a lost war: if you make them believe that we actually, really, were living some walhalla-life not so long ago, and that we only need to do this little effort of grouping blindly around the cult leadership in order to make that fake memory a reality “again”, they'll go on your crusade with suicidal fervour.

As they are not capable of hiding their true colours anymore, the Aurovillagers wanted to create enthusiasm for their dumb and boring cult meetings by using the slogan: “Please participate in building the Auroville YOU want!” Sounds great, no? Obviously, the Auroville that the Mother wanted is not what matters here. Right? It's all about what THEY want. Because make no mistake, what YOU want will not be considered, unless it coincides with what the cult profiteers want.

Now what was that meeting all about? Not about building anything of course, but about removing the four Working Committee members who had cooperated with the Governing Board and therefore “betrayed the cult”. The “Pour Tous meeting”, in full continuation of the old tradition, was about punishing the “betrayers”.

So that meeting happened just before the Governing Board letter came. Once again with a near-total attendance of white people. It remains the one extremely blatant fact that they can't possibly spin into its opposite: they don't get the Tamizh Aurovilians to join them. They have some under their control, but insignificantly few. It is plain as broad daylight that the cult is made up of the white Aurovilians, who have come to live as colonials. It's like Goa, but with a 5-year visa. And free land to claim for your own.

Immediately after the letter from the Governing Board had arrived, the Aurovillagers drafted a response to the Governing Board, arrogantly claiming that they have no intention or reason to listen to what the letter asked. The cult leaders managed to have about 500 signatures from, again, almost only Westerners. Nicely brainwashed cult members who are very willing to be abused in the fight for survival of the cult. Not understanding the risk they take by putting their names under a declaration of insubordination.

Remember that the Working Committee members, the four persons who had stood their ground against the tidal wave of Aurovillage anger, who were certainly going to be declared “voted out” on Monday, had removed the three Aurovillagers from their group, by using an Aurovillage policy against the Aurovillagers. The Aurovillagers unsurprisingly (being defeated with their own weapon) suddenly claimed that their own rules were not valid and this provision wasn't meant to be used like this – which comes as no surprise: that provision was never meant to be used against THEM, but only by the Aurovillagers against a possible dissident.

On Tuesday, three days after the “Pour Nous” meeting, and two days after the letter from the Governing Board, the most un-shocking “announcement” ever was made: that “the RA” had voted out the four non-Aurovillage members of the Working Committee! The three remaining “members”, who were in fact removed from their positions, were going to select four new “members” to form a second, full-Aurovillage “Working Committee”, which for clarity I will call the Lurking Committee.

Now the four members of the original Working Committee appointed three interim members as a replacement for the three Aurovillagers they had removed from the Working Committee. They announced this, and very soon after that, their access to the Working Committee email and Auronet group were blocked, as these passwords were known to Valli only. Valli is the long-term secretary to the Working Committee, and has shown her true colours over the past week by fully accepting to do the dirty work for the Aurovillagers she has served so willingly all these years. The cult has its ways of persuasion, and Aurovillage has attracted and trapped a lot of people with shady intentions over the past 5 years. Remember that all who opposed them were bullied out of here, and the faithful collaborators remained.

But we're running ahead. During the next days, we saw the Lurking Committee take full possession of whatever throne they think they are sitting on. Obviously, they are not representing the RA to the Governing Board, so they cannot perform the central function the Working Committee was created for: be the delegation of Auroville's population that the Governing Board interacts with (as interacting with 50,000 persons all at once is bound to be rather cacophonous).

Later that week, we learned that in the night, the Aurovillagers had changed the locks of the Working Committee offices. These are located in the ACUR building, which is called “Town Hall”. That's because in Aurovillage, nothing is allowed to be truthful. The European Commission has sponsored the building of the “Town Hall”, but this was done under the pretext that the Town Hall would be the Auroville Centre for Urban Research – the home of the Town Planning office. O irony! The most contested building in Auroville was paid for to be the office of the team that would actually manifest Mother's CITY. Which is exactly what the Aurovillagers don't want at all! At least, as we've seen so many times, they claim they DO want the city, but the process by which it has to be done (according to the Aurovillage priests) has so many restrictions that it can only become anything resembling a small city around the year 2462, and in the meantime needs to be a city that is so utterly “respecting the ground realities” that it actually boils down to being a small jungle of worthless and thorny wild-growth and exotic acacia-trees. They want a city that is, actually, exactly the way Auroville is right now!

In other words: nothing should be done or built or developed. Hooray!

When this ACUR building was built, the offices of the “working groups” were accommodated there, and the actual town planning team (that had different names in different periods) was pushed aside and eventually hidden away in a little corner on the top floor. Recently, with the help of the new impetus to finally materialise the Galaxy Master Plan, the present ATDC (Auroville Town Development Council), or as the Mother called it: “L'avenir d'Auroville”, managed to get the whole second floor back – almost at least.

Already twenty-five years ago, a plan was made for a real Town Hall for Auroville, a much larger and bigger building that is meant to house all of the offices of working groups and city services. Hopefully this can be realised in the coming years, so that the administrative centre of Auroville finally takes shape as planned, and as urgently needed. The fact that Aurovillage abhors proper administration (corruption doesn't like order and transparency) and the fact that we never built a place where real administrative work can be done, are clearly related.

And so, in the middle of the night, the locks were changed, and the ACUR building management were NOT given the keys. All obviously very much according to “established community processes”, n'est-ce pas? Remember how the Aurovillagers screamed foul when the JCB's came in the middle of the night, in order to work without disturbance? But in this case, changing locks in the middle of the night is suddenly a noble deed of defiance or rebellion or something else “heroic”.

On Thursday, two days after the non-shocking announcement, and probably the day before the midnight lock-change, the doors were opened in the early morning, and the Working Committee members were able to secure one of the two office spaces – the meeting room.

The office room with the computers was occupied by the Lurking Committee members – who have to secure the content of the computers, and make sure all incriminating files are removed in case of a forced surrender to the Foundation Office. Remember one thing very clearly: ALL assets, whatever they are, mobile or immobile, material or virtual, belong to the Foundation Office, as they belong to the Auroville Foundation which is governed by the Governing Board and run by the Foundation Office. There is no way any Aurovilian can claim legal ownership of any Auroville asset, and even the “RA” as a whole, if that ever could be a physical entity, would also never be able to claim legal rights over any asset of any kind. So the Foundation Office has ALL legal rights to take the full possession and usage of all buildings of Auroville, and their content.

For almost a day, a tug-of-war about the offices was going on, with each group holding one space. Until the real Working Committee decided to end the silly game, and go the legal way, as the Foundation Office can legally claim the right to use the building as they see fit. In the end, the work of the Working Committee does not require a specific location, and can be done from anywhere.

Eventually, the Lurking Committee announced their interim members to replace the four who were “voted out”. It took them so long, as they were desperately trying to get a Tamizh person in their group, but failed miserably. Their own colonial behaviour, arrogantly displayed here since 50 years, once more backfired seriously: there is no Tamizh person willing to be their token member to allow them to claim they are oh so non-racist and non-colonial.

But wait, here comes Valli! She'll be the defender of the Aurovillagers that she served for all these years. She knows what “loyalty” means, and is, being a Tamizh, not as much at risk as the Western Lurking Committee members. She turned out to be a very willing patsy, endlessly playing stupid with the police.

Because on Friday, the police paid the Lurking Committee a visit, in which Valli defiantly refused to hand over the new office keys to the police. A very remarkable defiance, as normally Tamizh people have the utmost respect for the police. Where does this strange “courage” and “rebellion” come from, Valli? Care to explain?

The deal had been that the offices would remain locked until Monday morning, when Madam Secretary would have a meeting with the Working Committee and Lurking Committee members, and solve the issue.

Guess what: nothing got solved, as the Lurking Committee is made up of arrogant entitlement, and has no respect for anything or anybody – the Aurovillage cult does what it wants in its “independent nation” of Auroville.

So then came today.

The day that stuff really went south for Aurovillage. The police came again, on request of the Foundation Office, to clear the illegally occupied offices from the illegal occupiers. Do you think that the Aurovillagers by now had come to some insight and understanding? Nope. They will run off the cliff eagerly, clearly throwing their lives in Auroville to the wind. They have endlessly protested, endlessly revolted, endlessly refused to give the least bit of respect to the police, or any other authority for that matter. That's fine, but there are consequences, specifically if you are not a citizen of the country you claim as “your own”. Pretending that these consequences are not valid or not applicable to you is insane. They live in their coocoolalaland, and nothing and nobody will get them out of there, no matter what you try. There is no other option but to have them removed from here, as they are not willing to do ANY yoga and growth of consciousness. They only grow in delusion, and entitlement.

Well, as Divya so eloquently says: you gotta do what you gotta do sometimes. And we've got a huge clean-up on our hands. Which in our case is NOT against our principles and goals of integrity, inclusion, Human Unity, sincerity and being an Aurovilian. This task is in total alignment with being a willing servitor of the Divine consciousness.

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